Do you want to sell a piano?

Down below you will find an example of an offer on Klaviano.

We have marked specific elements of an ad with red dots, you should pay special attention to them when adding a piano offer. By filling out those fields you are increasing your chance for a faster sale!

Do you want to improve the position of your ad on Klaviano and on Google? Down below we have a few hints for you:


Ad title - make sure that the title is true to the content of the ad, but also short and tempting to click on it at the same time.


Try and get the best pictures as possible, they do not have to be professional shots with expensive cameras, all you need is a phone. It is important that the pictures show: the instrument as a whole and some of its details (decorative details, serial no. etc.). If the instrument has any imperfections or damage, it would be good to show pictures of them too.


If you have any videos of the instrument you can also add one and present its sound.


Try your best to fill out as much technical information about the instrument. It will help people who are looking for it to find it faster.


Main description of the instrument - try to write something yourself about the instrument. You can write about its history, pros and cons. If selling your instrument abroad isn’t a problem, try and add other language versions not only in your mother tongue.


Remember to add information where the instrument is located (City/Country) also if possible add your phone number, it will make contact with you easier for potential buyers.

After adding your ad

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  • Increase the visibility of your ad thanks to the Featured Ad function Premium option