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The Piano Barn

East Hampton / USA

USA, NY 11937 East Hampton, 11 Jackson Street
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Pianos for sale, Rentals, Moving, Tuning & Repair

Tuning is recommended at least once every year. It will greatly enhance the sound of your piano. We have hundreds of customers whose pianos we lovingly tune and voice to sound beautiful. We want to tune yours too. Call today!

We have 30 years experience troubleshooting any problem a piano can possibly have. We can also voice your piano to not only play well, but sound beautiful! Call today for a FREE over-the-phone estimate for any work your piano might need.
We provide high quality rental pianos for:
Summer Hamptons Rentals
6 Month Rentals
And Much Much More

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The Piano Barn

The Piano Barn, USA, NY 11937 East Hampton, 11 Jackson Street

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001 631 726-4640 Opkald 001 **-*** Vis mig
Kontaktperson: Mike Scainetti

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