Flügel Baldwin B243 Neu

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  • Art:Flügel
  • Akustisch / Digital:Akustisch
  • Neu / Gebraucht:Neu
  • Gültige Garantie:Ja
  • Marke: Baldwin
  • Modell: B243
  • Anzahl der Pedale: 3
  • Anzahl der Tasten: 88
  • Farbe:Schwarz
  • Ausführung:Polyester
  • Glanzgrad:Satiniert (halbglanz)


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  • Angebot von: Portland Piano Company
    Klavierhänder ab 2017 auf Klaviano
  • Lokalisierung: Portland / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Baldwin B243 upright piano

The Baldwin B243 Vertical Piano
Quality, efficiency and perfect performance meet head-on in this distinct studio upright. Rarely do you see such a combination of playability and durability, designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s versatile pianists. First introduced in 1939, the Baldwin B243 models are the company’s best-selling of all-time, with nearly 500,000 units sold worldwide. The multi-ply pinblock is a variation of the one from Baldwin’s legendary concert grand pianos, and is constructed from premium hard rock maple to deliver unmatched tuning stability.

Find out why this is our top-seller
The B243’s Full Blow™ Direct Stealth Action delivers an exceptionally responsive touch, and the length of its No. 1 bass string equals that of Baldwin’s smallest grand piano, delivering exceptional grand piano-like tone. The sound is big, rich and resonant, and its unique scale design produces deep and clear bass notes combined with sparkling, well-defined highs. The B243’s design is both contemporary and classic, so that it will work with any decorating scheme.

The B243 is available in either the standard or Euro-style model, and is available in the Satin Ebony and Satin Walnut finishes.


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