Flügel Steinway & Sons M-170 Gebraucht, 1918

39,500.00 $

Grundlegende Informationen

  • Art:Flügel
  • Akustisch / Digital:Akustisch
  • Baujahr:1918
  • Neu / Gebraucht:Gebraucht
  • Gültige Garantie:Ja
  • Marke: Steinway & Sons
  • Modell: M-170
  • Höhe:147
  • Länge:170
  • Anzahl der Pedale: 3
  • Anzahl der Tasten: 88
  • Farbe:Andere
  • Dekoration:Gemälde, andere Dekorationen


  • Cena: 39,500.00 $ (Brutto)
  • Transport im Preis: National


  • Angebot von: Sonny's Luxury Art Case Pianos
    Klavierhänder ab 2017 auf Klaviano
  • Lokalisierung: Port Jefferson / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Steinway Grand Piano M Art Case Hand Painted Chinoiserie Masterpiece Restored & Rebuilt New PianoDisc IQ Player System! $59,000

Piano just rebuilt, paintings just restored. PianoDisc IQ player System just installed. Stunningly beautiful one-of-a-kind work of art masterpiece with new Steinway action parts, excellent condition original soundboard, new pinblock, strings, pins, dampers. Sounds sublime, looks like a museum piece. We nicknamed this "The "GREEN CHI" Steinway because the "Chinoiserie Style" Art landscape scenes painted on the piano are of gardens you would visit in 16th century China to restore your "Chi" or life force energy. The piano is completely covered with beautiful detailed paintings of rocks (symbolizing mountains which represent "Chi") gardens, trees, flowers, water, birds, butterflies, fisherman, pagodas, bridges, swans, royal family members, musicians and dancers. This Steinway M was originally manufactured in 1918 in the Steinway & Sons NYC factory and was totally rebuilt by Sonny's Pianos Technicians during 2016. The art work was painstakingly restored over 9 months by a NYC based Master of "Chinoiserie Style" Art he used some 14 karat gold dust when restoring the paintings. We had an analysis of the art work by Asian Art Historian Doctor Ann Barrott Wicks. To see her full report and what the piano looked like before being restored click on the PDF here It has the original excellent condition set of keys and Steinway soundboard. The action was regulated and hammers voiced to concert stage performance level. Here is some of what the art historian said. "Beautifully decorated. The design elements are inspired by Willow pattern ceramics but they are based on actual Chinese motifs. The scenes on the piano are based on Chinese landscape paintings and gardens. The basic elements of a Chinese landscape—mountains, water, trees, and humans—are meant to convey a microcosm of an orderly world. Traditionally, mountains, the most important element of a Chinese landscape painting, are a source of qi 气 (pronounced “chee”), or life-restoring essence. Chinese gardens are designed as three-dimensional landscapes, where people can go if a trip to the mountains isn’t practical. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Further info? Call Sonny at +1 631 475-8046
Sonny's Luxury Art Case Pianos


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Sonny's Luxury Art Case Pianos

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