Flügel Wyman • 53 cm • Santa Ana • Gebraucht - Transport im Preis

Flügel Wyman Gebraucht, 2004

Living Pianos

Santa Ana / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
7,995.00 $Bruto

Transport im Preis: National, Klavierstimmung im Preis: Ja,

  • Angebot von: Klavierhändler und Service
  • Marke: Wyman
  • Modell: ---
  • Art:Flügel
  • Akustisch / Digital:Akustisch
  • Baujahr:2004
  • Neu / Gebraucht:Gebraucht
  • Länge:53
  • Farbe:Andere

Weiterführende Informationen:
Anzahl der Pedale: 3, Anzahl der Tasten: 88, Seriennummer: 551151066, Renovierungsjahr: 2004,

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Wyman Model WG160 French Provincial Baby Grand Piano

Wyman Piano Company was started by former executives from Baldwin Piano Company. They produce over 50,000 pianos a year. This particular model is only available by special order.

This piano features hard rock maple bridges which transfer sound efficiently to the soundboard. They also have the patented Triphonic cantilevered bass bridge for rich tone. The keys are made from select seasoned spruce for strength and durability. The plate is made from a wet sand casting, the same method employed by the world’s finest pianos.

This particular piano has had almost no play. So, it is essentially a new piano. Our technicians have gone through with thorough regulation, voicing and string work for even playing in regards to touch and tone throughout all registers.

The furniture is exquisite! At 5-feet 3-inches, the piano is long enough to offer a full tone while not overwhelming your home with too much volume. It comes with the original matching bench.

If you appreciate the styling and desire a late model piano in excellent condition, this Wyman baby grand is for you!
Living Pianos


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