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With years of experience as a piano technician and professional piano tuner in London I, Andy Howard, bring the best services to your door. Having qualified in 1992 as a Dip. AEWVH approved Piano Tuner/Technician from the Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford ; I have extensive work experience with a variety of organisations covering all types and also components of pianos. Whilst the physicality of my work was extensively covered throughout my studies, I have developed a deep mastery of the complex science underpinning the building of, and the capability of, pianos throughout my working life.
As a conventionally trained piano services specialist, I utilize tuning forks to gage and readjust the changes in the instrument's pitch. Not only has this fine-tuned my hearing, it is also a good example of resonance in practice. Readjusting for the correct pitch i.e. resonant frequency is a requirement for adjusting a piano who’s internals are impacted by a change in dampness and temperature. Given that Britain is a cold country of a high latitude, there are seasonal variants, triggering extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, exposure to radiators, as well as central heating with intermittent running times, can affect a piano's sound over time. Consequently I will constantly compensate for acoustic variations caused by thermal expansion/contraction of the musical instrument.


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AMH Pianos

AMH Pianos, Großbritannien, W6 7PU London, 144c Sulgrave Road,

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