Are you looking for a piano?

Save your searches

Guarde sus criterios de búsqueda y el sistema le informará sobre las ofertas recién agregadas. (Sólo disponible para personas inscritas)

Save your searches:


Go to the instrument search page on Klaviano and pick the criteria of the instrument that you are interested in.


Next, click on "Search".


After the results come up: save the search by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right corner of the page.


If you have an account log in, if not, sign up onto Klaviano first.


From now on, when an instrument get added and it matches your criterias, you will be informed through the e-mail provided during registration.

Observe ad

Observe sus pianos favoritos y nuestro sistema le informará sobre los cambios que se apliquen a ellos.

Observe instruments that you are interested in:


By clicking on the "Observe instrument" button, our system will make sure you get informed about any changes made to the ad. You will be informed about all the changes made to the ad and also if anyone else starts observing it too. To do this, you need to have an account on Klaviano.

Private local sellers

Gracias a esta función puede seguir las nuevas ofertas que han sido añadidas en su país por usuarios privados, a través de esto usted tiene la posibilidad de comprar un piano interesante a un precio atractivo.


Function is available for business accounts.


If you have a business account on Klaviano, complete it by filling out the address information in the admin panel.


Next go to Private local sellers under the "Klaviano services" tab.