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Reino Unido, IP15 5PP Aldeburgh, 9 Leiston Road, ALDEBURGH,Suffolk IP15 5PP
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Pianos are designed and built to sound their best when tuned to A440 Concert pitch (A above middle C vibrating at 440 times per second).
Proper care and regular tuning will definitely keep the piano in tune longer.
I recommend that a piano be tuned at least once a year, to maintain its pitch.
A minimum annual visit allows you to describe your piano as 'regularly maintained', thus enhancing its value and your return of investment.
When a number of years pass between tunings, the pitch will drop, often far enough that two or more tunings will be necessary to restore the pitch.
A concert piano is tuned before every performance and a recording instrument can be tuned as often as 4 times a week.
Many pianos are quite serviceable after 100 years of use and with care and basic maintenance they may see another 100 years
The action and keys are the 'engine' of your piano
The strings, bridge and soundboard are the 'speaking' element of the tone.
The casework enhances the aesthetic and financial valve of the instrument as domestic furniture.
I can undertake most restoration work, including collection and delivery.


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Malcolm Walker Pianos

Malcolm Walker Pianos, Reino Unido, IP15 5PP Aldeburgh, 9 Leiston Road, ALDEBURGH,Suffolk IP15 5PP

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