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Klaviano c’est non seulement le plus grand portail de pianos

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Campagne d’emailing - Top 10

By placing your instrument on Klaviano you gain a possibility of sending it out in e-mail campaigns directed to users looking for an instrument. En savoir plus

Annonce recommandé

Advertise your piano in the best places on Klaviano and also gain access to additional functions which will increase your chances for a quick sale. En savoir plus

Piano Wanted

Thanks to this feature, you gain a possibility to send (e-mail) offers about your instrument to people who are looking exactly for the instrument that you have for sale.


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Save your search criterias and the system will inform you about newly added offers. (Only available for people registered)

Annonces observer

Observe your favourite instruments, and our system will inform you about any changes applied to them.

Transport Calculator

Calculate your average price for the transport of the chosen instrument, by picking it from the available offers on Klaviano. En savoir plus

10 000

Nombre d’instruments actifs - 10 000

Solutions for businesses

Publicité régionale - Area 50+

The Area50+ function, is a new way of advertisement on the internet, you can advertise your piano shop on Klaviano to users, who are in your local area (min 50km). En savoir plus

Auto update

Do you have a lot of instruments to get added but you don’t have time to do it? We will add them for you En savoir plus

Particulier de votre région

Thanks to this function you can follow what new offers have been added in your country by private users, through this you have a possibility of buying an interesting instrument for an attractive price.

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