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Pickle Piano Company

Bloomingdale / États-Unis
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Galanti Praeludium

This organ includes two manuals, a full 32-note pedal board, rolltop and internal speakers. The Swell has 9 stops, the Great and Pedal each have 6. There are 3 couplers: Swell to Great, Swell to Pedal and Great to Pedal. It has five registration presets, and volume and balance controls. The organ can also transpose, down 4 semi-tones, and up 2 semi-tones.

The organ is equipped with MIDI in and out. There are two output jacks to connect the organ to an auxiliary amplifier and speaker system. A full-sized bench included. This is a great organ for the serious organist wishing to practice at home or for a small church or chapel. This organ can also be used with a MIDI organ voice control system, providing a complete console for use with the organ voice software.
Pickle Piano Company


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Professionnel (Entreprise) Vendeur de 2017 sur Klaviano

Pickle Piano Company

Pickle Piano Company, États-Unis, IL 60108 Bloomingdale, 104 West Lake Street

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