Occasion Steingraeber & Söhne 173 - Piano à queue, Après la rénovation

18,495.00 £
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Personne de contact: Aaron Shackleford


  • Type de piano:Piano à queue
  • Acoustique / Numérique:Acoustique
  • Neufs / Occasion:Occasion
  • Garantie valide:Oui
  • Marque: Steingraeber & Söhne
  • Modèle: 173
  • Longueur:173
  • Nombre de pédales: 2
  • Nombre de touches: 85
  • après la rénovation: Après la rénovation
  • Couleur:Noir
  • Brillance:Satin (medium gloss)


  • Prix: 18,495.00 £
  • Transport inclus dans le prix (Rez-de-chaussée): National - Royaume-Uni


Texte de l’annonce

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Gorgeous Steingraeber & Sohne - the predecessor to the current A-170

This Steingraeber 173 Salon Grand piano has been fully restored by us entirely at Shackleford Pianos. All parts, materials and finishes have been hand selected to be sympathetic with the original build quality and high standards of the original piano.

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a restored Steingraeber piano, as once people buy a Steingraeber piano there is no way they are ever going to sell it or go to another brand of piano, as quit simply put they are the finest pianos being made.

In terms of design, the Steingraeber & Sohn 173 is the predecessor to the current A-170 Salon Grand Piano, this model of Steingraeber can trace its roots back to its initial design in 1905.

Steingraeber don’t think that Steingraeber & Sohne A-170 Salon Grand Piano, which is their smallest grand piano as a ‘baby grand’, simply because it has received many “Best in its Class” awards that praise the sound as being much bigger than the instrument looks. In terms of construction, this phenomenal achievement lies in the unusually-wide shape of the Steingraeber & Sohne A-170 Grand Piano, which allows room for the use of very long bass strings, and more square centimetres in sound board space. The more sound board space = more volume, much like bigger speakers with stereo systems.

Another reason for the Steingraeber 173 and 170 to have such a big sound comes down to the bridge design. A pianos bridges are what transmutes the strings energy into the pianos soundboard and the /steingraeber salon grand piano design transmits vibrational energy just like a concert grand. Because of its bass bridge design, (i.e., without apron and base), its sound is not thin and metallic (or ‘tinny’), as is typical of small grand or Asian built pianos.

Furthermore the piano’s touch is professional, due to it's advanced design and Renner components, which is why you will find it on stages, and in music schools and opera houses with limited space. The fascinating Oslo Opera House is a prime example of its use and suitability.

All Steingraeber & Sohne pianos are handcrafted in Bayreuth, Bavaria using the time-honoured tradition of piano building and are among the finest instruments produced by an elite group of manufacturers.

Steingraeber & Sohne adhere to piano making principles that see their pianos deliver the finest quality in sound touch and appearance. Acoustics, statics, cabinetry, and action mechanism - these are all components of Classic piano building that views ALL components as sound sources and, without exception, uses natural, resonating materials that require custom adjustment and precision work.

This is where the ability to tailor or modify the sound of a Steingraber comes from. This extends to the Steingraeber action mechanism and pedals, which are built with a view to perceptible resonating energy, like an extension of the human body.
Shackleford Pianos


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Personne de contact: Aaron Shackleford

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