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  • Type de piano:Piano à queue
  • Acoustique / Numérique:Numérique
  • Neufs / Occasion:Neufs
  • Garantie valide:Oui
  • Marque: Viscount
  • Modèle: ---
  • Hauteur:89
  • Largeur:140
  • Longueur:97


  • Cena: Prix sur demande


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Viscount Aria Grand

Grand digital piano designed for the most sophisticated and discriminating piano performer. The design and specifications meet the high standards of European piano crafting tradition. The Aria utilizes our most advanced Grand Touch Feeling? Hammer action keyboard that includes escapement - a delicate movement that simulates the world's most prestigious concert level pianos. This helps develop finger strength and dexterity - important elements for any aspiring pianist. One of the main strengths of this instrument can be found in the new technological process that produces the sound. This exclusive technology - called "iMotion?" makes the Aria a truly expressive and unique instrument - producing all the subtle nuances and timbres of a concert grand acoustic piano. The elegant all wood cabinet, 19-ply wood rim and Acoustic-Chamber II? Sound system complete the piano and help make this our most elegant and advanced petite grand piano. Aria - Affordable European Sound & Craftsmanship for the most advanced piano performer! 88 Weighted and Dynamic Keys - Grand Touch Feeling? with escapement mechanism. Simple user-friendly layout. 16 professional quality sounds include Concert Hall Pianos, Electric Piano, Baroque Harpsichord, Nylon Guitar, Orchestral Strings, Concert Choir, Cathedral Pipe Organ, Jazz Electric Organ, Bass & Ride, El. Bass & Upright Bass. 64 Note Polyphony (Stereo). All Wood hand-crafted construction, sliding roll-top key cover, 19-ply all-wood rim, True Polyester finish. Exclusive iMotion? synthesis technology chosen to allow incredibly accurate performance of different music styles. Three full function pedals. Built in Metronome.
Available In: Polished Ebony, Polished Mahogany, Satin Mahogany

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