Piano Auto Update

We will update your piano offers for you

Do you not have enough time to update your piano offers on Klaviano.com? We can do it for you!

Step 1 - Buy the Piano Auto Update service (here)

Your price will differ with the account type you have. 30 euros (Free/Piano Specialist) or 20 euros (Piano Salon) monthly.

Step 2 - We contact you to clear up 2 important details

(1) Which day of the month are we to carry out your Auto Update (2) Where are we to see the changes that are made in your offers.

Step 3 - You will receive information about the updates monthly

After each update, you will receive a short informative e-mail from us.

The Piano Auto Update service is time saving, maximizing profits and comfortable.

Time saving - you only focus on your customers

Maximizing profits - clients know about new offers right away

Comfortable - we do the dirty work for you

Full service of your Klaviano.com account

Activate the Auto Update service and we will contact you within 24h to settle any details

Just from 30.00€

Try Piano Auto Update