Transport Calculator

On the Transport Calculator page the client selects the starting location (the address where instrument 1 currently is),
it also specifies the destination (the place where instrument 2 has to arrive).


The place of departure:



After clicking Calculate, if the route is possible to establish*, the client will see:
the estimated distance, average price per km, the overall average price which is calculated based on the results


Distance: 1050.029 km

The average price per kilometer: 1.50 €

The average total price: 1 050.20 €

and also offers from other users which offer their transport in the given location.


Offer from: Piano Transport
The average price per kilometer: 3.00 €
The average total price: 500.00 €
All shipping offers
  • Andora: 3.00 €
  • Spain: 3.00 €
  • Portugal: 2.00 €
  • France: 5.00 €
Offer from: Klaviano Transport
The average price per kilometer: 1.07 €
The average total price: 461.07 €
123458 Call now 123**-*** Show phone number Go
All shipping offers
  • Poland: 1.00 €
  • Germany: 1.20 €
  • France: 1.20 €
  • Spain: 1.00 €
  • Italy: 1.00 €
  • Austria: 1.20 €

On the offer list there are also other locations in which users are offering their transport services.

Remember, provided prices and routes can change. Contact the person offering the transport to talk about any details.

* Transport Calculator covers land transport.

Do you offer international or domestic instrument transport?
Add your offer to the only piano Transport Calculator in the world! It only takes 3 steps.


Pick the country in which you offer your transport.


Provide a price for 1km (Accepted currency is Euro and Dollar USD)


Pick the currency and click Add

If you offer transport also through other countries, you can repeat those 3 steps for each one of them.