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Types of Pianos (+ Piano Dimensions)

A precise description of the instrument can make it very easy to find your dream upright or grand piano. However, when selling an instrument, the correct classification often has a decisive impact on reaching potential customers.

Assuming the client is looking for an elegant grand piano of small size, he can search for ... More


The Top 10 Piano Brands for 2021

Whether you are an accomplished musician looking to buy a piano to practice on at home or an amateur looking to upgrade your skills, it’s a great decision. But before you can embark on your musical journey, you have to choose the right piano, which can be a tough as nails decision. Each brand offers its own combination of tonal quality ... More


Ranking of Upright and Grand Piano Brands - Through the eyes of the Pianist

Would you like to buy an upright or grand piano and you're wondering which brand is the best? Or maybe you would like to check whether the brand of your instrument is among the most prestigious in your country? These questions are answered by the pianist Grzegorz Rychlik.

There are many brands in the industry that ... More

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How to move a Piano? Piano Transport Guide

Have you ever wondered how to transport or just move a piano? We all know that pianos are heavy. The heaviest ones can weigh up to 300kg. Therefore, it is really easy to damage the instrument during transportation. It is most regretful when our piano is visually taken care of and it's hard then to come to terms with any scratches or ... More

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How to buy a Used Piano? Beginner’s guide

When deciding to buy a used piano, first of all, we should be careful and try to see if the seller is honest and fair. Perhaps the seller, even a professional whom we trust because of their expertise, simply wants to get rid of the instrument and earn some money.

Remember that in the More

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The Price of a Piano – How much does a piano cost?

I often refer to cars and compare them to instruments. You can drive a cheaper car for 2,000 euros or a brand new car for half a million euros. It's similar with the music instrument market.

New grand pianos from reputable manufacturers for professionals are an expense of several hundred thousand euros. New upright ... More


See the Top 3 most popular Concert Pianos among pianists

Have you ever wondered which concert piano is the best? 

Every pianist has their own opinions and habits. After all, each model has its own charms and loyal supporters. We are planning to send an email campaign with concert instruments offers to pianists and philharmonics looking for a grand piano.

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