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Grand and upright piano ranking

The most recognized piano brands in the world are Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, Fazioli, Yamaha, Kawai, Bechstein, Bluthner, Grotrian Steinweg, August Forster, Steingraeber & Sohne, Schimmel, Schiedmayer, Sauter, Petrof, Estonia, Mason & Hamlin. The new Steinway D concert piano, which stands on the stage of many philharmonics in the... More >>


How to transport an upright piano? Piano transport

We all know that pianos are heavy. The heaviest ones can weigh up to 300kg. Therefore, it is easy to damage the instrument. It is most regretful when our piano is visually taken care of. It's hard then to come to terms with any scratches or dents. Pianos usually have handles on the back on each side. They can be moved on flat ground... More >>


Buying a used Yamaha piano – what you need to know

Most of us recognize this world-famous manufacturer of pianos. Yamaha has gained a worldwide reputation for the quality of its products combined with their reasonable prices. The manufacturer has created a full range of piano models to suit every type of customer.

In my article I would like to focus primarily on the... More >>


The purchase of a white piano - necessary information

I have been observing the increased demand for white pianos for several years. This is understandable. White furniture is fashionable these days, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

However, you need to know that most of the used white pianos are re-varnished pianos. Only fairly young used pianos (up to about 30 years old)... More >>


Perfect piano for a child

Many parents wonder what piano to choose from such a rich offer on the market. When sending a child to learn to play the piano, we are often afraid to buy an instrument at the beginning of their learning. Not knowing if our child will get discouraged quickly, we postpone the purchase decision until later or we buy cheap organs,... More >>


Digital pianos? What should you think of them?

Many of us think about buying a piano and are faced with the choice of what to buy. Digital, classic or acoustic. The digital piano has its advantages. It is lighter, has pre-recorded sounds of many instruments and the ability to record and practice on headphones. It has a weighted and dynamic keyboard and there is no need to tune... More >>


The price of a piano – how much does a piano cost?

I often refer to cars and compare them to instruments. You can drive a cheaper car for 2,000 euros or a brand new car for half a million euros. It's similar with the music instrument market. New pianos from reputable manufacturers for professionals are an expense of several hundred thousand euros. New pianos can also cost tens of... More >>


Are you ready for Piano Day? Win an Essex piano worth 7690,00€!

Every year on the 88th day of the year, the world celebrates Piano Day. Music connoisseurs immediately understand why this day has been declared a holiday: pianos and grand pianos have 88 keys.

This year's Piano Day will be celebrated on Friday, 29 March, by artists and composers, pianists and music lovers, by... More >>


How to find the best piano in Bavaria

If you are looking for your dream wing in southern Germany, Bavaria is Germany's largest federal state in terms of area and economic development. Why is it worth looking for a grand piano there? If you live in Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Würzburg, Ingolstadt, Fürth or Erlangen, this article is for you.

More >>


See the top 3 most popular concert pianos among pianists

Have you ever thought about what the best concert piano is?
In this case, every pianist has their own opinion and preferences. Every model has its charms and their own loyal fans.
This month we are planning to send an e-mail campaign with concert instruments directed to pianists and orchestras who are looking for... More >>

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Address data supplementing

On Klaviano.com you can own a few addresses linked with your account or even only linked with your offers.

To add a new address, or edit the existing one, you need to go to the admin panel of your account and from the menu on the left choose "Profile settings". From the sub category, choose "Edit contact details" or... More >>

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Save search

If you are looking for an instrument, use the save search function on Klaviano

To use our instrument search, pick the instrument criterias which you are looking for. Click on „search” then „save search”. This will mean that not only you will be looking for an... More >>

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Private listings from your local area.

Grab this chance, down below you will see a list of instruments which were added on Klaviano past the last 30 days by private users from your local area.

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Piano Wanted

What is it?
This is a new Klaviano function. Thanks to this, we don’t only help in piano selling. But we also collect information from users, who have been looking for instruments for a long time. Thanks to Klaviano you have a possibility of a fast and direct way to get to those... More >>


How to buy a Steinway piano?

If you are looking for a Steinway piano and want to receive good value to your money you should pay attention to a lot of issues (10 of which I evaluate in this article). First of all you should consider the year of manufacture. In general, the older the piano the cheaper it should be. Secondly, you should... More >>