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Many people want to know exactly what piano restoration is. At Piano Restorations Ltd, piano restoration is bringing a piano back to factory condition, so the instrument is returned to you in a condition indistinguishable from a new piano in every way.

First we make an assessment of your piano, to help us decide exactly what needs done to achieve our aim of bringing your piano back to factory standards.

We will then disassemble your piano and the following work will be undertaken:

* A new tuning plank will be made and installed, to ensure your piano retains its tuning stability.

* A new soundboard is installed on around 90% of the pianos we restore. Some younger pianos do not require this particular operation, but the chances are if your piano requires rebuilt, it will need a new soundboard.

* Re-cap the original bridges, or if required, make new bridges for your piano

We will either:

* Restore the original action and keyboard to its original specification - we can fully rebuild most action types including the wonderful Blüthner Patent Action


* Install a new action and keyboard, depending on the condition of the original action and your personal requirements.

* Repair/Replace broken or missing case parts - including legs, pedal lyre, top lids, music desks and lid stays.

* Repolish the casework in a satin finish (as standard) or polyester finish (at extra cost). If you do not wish your piano to be repolished, please let us know and we can renegotiate the price of the rebuild with you.

* Repair any cracks on the frame, reguild the frame

* Re-felt and restring the frame

* Tune the piano several times, fully weigh off and regulate the action, voice the hammers, stabilize the pitch.

Services offered

  • Tuning
  • Voicing
  • Action Regulation
  • Advice / Quotation
  • Silent Piano Systems
  • Player Piano Systems
  • Humidity Control Systems
  • Concert services
  • Complete restoration
  • Soundboard
  • Iron frame
  • Cabinet restoration
  • Mechanism
  • Minor Repairs
  • International piano shipment
  • Domestic piano movers
  • Practice Rooms

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