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New Blüthner 10 (166) - Grand piano

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  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • New / Used:New
  • Manufacturer: Blüthner
  • Model: 10 (166)
  • Width:152
  • Length:166
  • No. of pedals: 3
  • No. of Keys: 88
  • Colour:Black
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: POA



For people who would like to a smaller size but highest quality grand piano, here is the best choice in town!

With only 5'4", it fits in comfortably in a small living room, whilst obtain the highest quality sound and expression possible. Here is Bluthner Model 10!

This model is a favourite instrument for the home or music studio, or indeed for a small hall. The proportions of this instrument have been carefully planned to assure maximum performance. The string lengths have been calculated to use the total surface of the soundboard resulting in a resounding but clear bass and a glittering treble. This is the smallest model that is fitted with the Aliquot System, which features a fourth string in the treble section. These extra strings are not struck by the hammers, but they resonate in harmony to add that exceptional dimension to the tone.

Bluethner was founded in Leipzig, Germany in 1853 and is still owned by the same family.

Generations of famous musicians have played on the Bluethner, including Bartok, Brahms, Debussy, Lehar, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rubinstein, Shostakovich, Johann Strauss and Tchaikovsky. More recently, Andrew Lloyd Webber (has 12 Bluethners!!!) the Beatles’ recordings, Martha Argerich and the Grammy Awards with Ariana Grande chose Bluethner.

Bluethner was the official piano for Shanghai Expo and is now at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music.

The manufacture of these pianos is unique. From harvesting the trees by helicopter from the north slopes of the Alps to obtain a tight wood grain, to stacking the timber for the soundboards out in the elements for 9 years, to the design of the Alliquot scale 4th string shows an exacting German craftsmanship.

Bluethner is famous in Europe and Russia, now also in China. It is usually designated as a “prestige, highest quality performance piano”.

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