New Bosendorfer 185 - 2008, Grand piano

249,000.00 PLN
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Contact Person: Mateusz Dobrowolski


  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • Year:2008
  • New / Used:New
  • Valid warranty:Yes
  • Manufacturer: Bosendorfer
  • Model: 185
  • Height:102
  • Width:151
  • Length:185
  • Colour:Black
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: 249,000.00 PLN



The Bösendorfer 185 piano is an extraordinary instrument which has already made its mark in the history of piano music. For more than half a century it has been one of the most popular models of the Bösendorfer brand and at the same time one of the most desired pianos in general. It embodies the classical mastery and art of building pianos and provides a loud and rich sound and a very wide dynamic range. It is perfect for concert halls, lecture halls, recording studios as well as spacious home lounges. The classic "Viennese" sound, so typical of Bösendorfer instruments, with its characteristic depth and richness, is half of the success of the 185. Equally important is the extremely strong and stable construction, providing excellent resonance, as well as a very precise mechanism made of top-class materials. Thanks to it, even the most demanding and talented artists are provided with an instrument capable of perfectly responding and reproducing their articulative intentions, providing them with unlimited possibilities of expression and perfect control of the most subtle nuances of the sound. The legendary durability and quality of the materials guarantees that the instrument will retain its properties and serve the next generation of musicians.

Bösendorfer instruments are not only of the highest quality and perfect sound, but also an extraordinary durability and investment for future generations. Manufactured in Austria by the most skilled craftsmen, they will retain their beauty of sound, excellent appearance and their mechanical properties for many years. Almost 100% of the materials and components come from Austria, from spruce wood to steel and copper, from which the strings are produced. Only the sound-important components come from other, proven suppliers. Bösendorfer pianos and grand pianos are perfect instruments for the most demanding, built with dedication by people who put their soul into them and grounded in years of skill.

-Weight: 327 kg
-Finish: black shine
-Place of production: Austria

The instrument on display in Poznan, Poland

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+48518016471 Call now +48 **-*** Show phone number We are not in the store at the moment. Please send us an inquiry and we’ll get in touch with you. Send message
Contact Person: Mateusz Dobrowolski

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