Bösendorfer Concert Grand 280VC

799,000.00 PLN
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  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • Year:2017
  • New / Used:New
  • Valid warranty:Yes
  • Manufacturer: Bosendorfer
  • Model: 280VC
  • Height:102
  • Width:157
  • Length:280
  • No. of pedals: 3
  • No. of Keys: 88
  • Colour:Black
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: 799,000.00 PLN



This is the smaller of the two concert pianos in the regular Bösendorfer range.
It is an absolutely magnificent, powerful instrument, offering almost unlimited possibilities.
The Grand 280VC is a 280 cm long concert grand piano. It combines the traditional Viennese school of instrument construction with modern technology using measurements and computer modelling. The contemporary model 280VC has been redesigned, but remains true to Bosendorfer's "Viennese" sound, which has been firmly established in the history of piano music. In the 21st century, the Concert Grand 280VC is able to offer even better resonance and precision than its predecessor, the Concert Grand 280.
In addition to Bösendorfer's best engineers, famous artists and pianistic authorities were also involved in the design process of this remarkable instrument, in order to help them to perfect the acoustic properties and work of the mechanism almost to perfection. The dedication of everyone involved in the design and construction resulted in a stunning instrument with a sophisticated sound and perfect articulation possibilities. The best and most demanding pianists are delighted with the ease with which expressive phrases full of colourful variety and articulation nuances can be created. It is also difficult to pass by the excellent sound projection, dynamics, volume and power of the sound, which is co-created with the best wood and sophisticated construction. The Bösendorfer Concert Grand 280VC is a piano close to the ideal, which will illuminate and fill the best concert halls not only with great sounds, but also with an extremely elegant appearance.
Vienna Concert (VC) technology

The contemporary Grand 280VC Concert uses Vienna Concert (VC) technology. It is based on the idea of removing all obstacles and limitations between the artist's imagination and the final sound and interpretation of the work. So that only pure emotions and full possibilities remain. Thanks to the enormous amount of time devoted to research and testing, the use of the latest measurement tools and 3D modelling techniques and the development of a number of improvements in construction techniques and strict selection of materials, a new generation of technology has been created. Bösendorfer Concert Grand 280VC owes its extremely precise, unique mechanism work, allowing even the most demanding pianists to express themselves freely and in full control. Combined with the full spectrum of colours, the power and clarity of the sound and the enormous dynamic range, this gives a breathtaking instrument representing the pinnacle of piano construction and the legendary Austrian brand.

- Weight: 507 kg

The instrument on display in Poznań, Poland.

FAN Poznań

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Contact Person: Rainer Nix

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