Broadwood & sons Short Drawing Room Grand N°2020

12,000.00 €


  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • Year:1875
  • New / Used:Used
  • Manufacturer: Broadwood
  • Model: 240
  • Height:85
  • Width:132
  • Length:237
  • Action: English (double repetition) - grand piano
  • No. of pedals: 2
  • No. of Keys: 85
  • Serial Number: 10408
  • Ivory Keys: Ivory Keys
  • Colour:Wood (Transparent Lacquer)
  • Veneer:Walnut Burl (bright)
  • Decorative elements:Carvings, Other decorative elements
  • Finish type:French Polish
  • Gloss level:Satin (medium gloss)


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  • Transport included in the price: No
  • Tuning included in the price: Yes



Built by the firm of Broadwood and Sons, London England, this represents a style and sound of pianos familiar to players and composers of the 19th century. Indeed the Broadwood firm provided pianos to many composers, notable among them Beethoven and Chopin, the latter touring almost exclusively with Broadwood pianos.This example of their work is a 6’ grand finished in a tortoise-shell burl walnut, with ebony and rosewood trim. It is straight strung, meaning the strings sit parallel, not crossing over in the bass section. The action is the typical English action of the 19th century, the precursor to the Erard and modern actions, as opposed to the Viennese action used by German and Austrian builders of the time. The English grand action provides a very direct and powerful connection from player to string and was favoured by Chopin for that reason. This Broadwood model has 85 keys, from AAAt to a4.Other distinctive features of this piano are the “lyre-shaped” pedal works, hence the reason they are now referred to as the pedal lyre, and the slim shape resembling a harpsichord more than the modern grand piano shape. The legs have a tapered shaft of hexagonal section, and has a carved capital fascia of acanthus leaves.
Deze piano is een een vleugel in orginele staat en gestemd door Wim Lauwaert die ook de beschrijving heeft geschreven die u hieronder leest.

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De piano bevindt zich in Leuven momenteel en is een zeer goed origineel instrument van tssen 1868 en 1875 ( schatting ngl het aantal geprocuceerde piano’s per jaar door Broadwood and Sons ). Het biedt zeker ook nog potentieel op verbetering naar meer perfectie na een totale revisie maar is in de huidige staat zeer goed bespeelbaar .

Hiernaast of hieronder vindt u eveneens een foto van het instrument .

Broadwood „Short Drawing Room Grand N° 2020”
Serienummer n° 10408
Naambord : „John Broadwood & Sons London”
Vermoedelijk bouwjaar : ca 1875*
Pitch 436 Hz
85 toetsen (7 oktaven : AAA - a4)
Parallel snarig
Lengte : 2m35
Breedte : 1m37
Volledig originele en bespeelbare staat
Typische Broadwood „duck feet” pedalen : 1 una corda - 1 demping
Originele rechthoekige stempennen
Stemblok in goede staat
Klavier : Toetsbeleg in ivoor en ebbenhout
Mechaniek : Engels opstotermechaniek, zeer licht spelend
Meubel is gefineerd met wortelnotelaar

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