Restored Bechstein Model B (Sold)

James Willans

Sheffield / United Kingdom
5,500.00 £Gross price

  • Offer from: Private account
  • Manufacturer: C . Bechstein
  • Model: B 203
  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • New / Used:Used
  • Length:203
  • Colour:Other

Additional information:
No. of Keys: 88, Ivory Keys: Ivory Keys,

I am selling my Bechstein B to help realise my dream of purchasing a Steinway B – the only instrument that I would consider superior to Bechstein and I have played many different instruments! I have owned this instrument for close to 25 years having bought it from the family of a concert pianist who originally purchased it in new in 1907.

I had the piano restored in mid-2010. Many pianos are described as restored with little more than a polish, this restoration was extensive to get this piano back to the playing condition of when it left the factory, and included:

• Replacement of significant parts of the pin block (wrest plank) to address short comings in tuning stability.
• New tuning pins
• New strings
• Repair and refinishing of the sound board
• Sanding and refinishing of the frame
• Replacement of all dampener felts
• Reshaping and voicing of all hammers
• Meticulous regulation of the action
• Restoration of the ivory keyboard

I also had the case of the piano refinished at this time, however in the interest of transparency this was detailing of the case and while some areas have been fully re-polished, the instrument would benefit from a re-polish of the lid.

This work was carried out by Shackleford Pianos in Cheshire and cost approaching the price I am asking for this instrument. You will find other Bechstein B’s described as restored but in this price range I have seen none restored of this quality. Even among the other Bechstein Bs I have played this is a superb instrument – responsive with an excellent tone and will delight any level of pianist from beginner to concert level standard. As an indicator of value, Shackleford Pianos who restored this instrument, have an identical instrument available at £14,995,

Here are some YouTube videos of me playing the Bechstein:

VIDEO - Almond Blossom -
VIDEO - Emily -
VIDEO - Prelude in Eb -
VIDEO - Will I ever know -

(any inspection of the instrument by 3rd party technicians is welcome)

James Willans

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