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Feurich 179 Dynamic II

24,999.00 AUD
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  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • Year:2017
  • New / Used:New
  • Valid warranty:Yes
  • Manufacturer: Feurich
  • Model: 179 Dynamic II
  • Width:150
  • Length:179
  • Action: English (double repetition) - grand piano
  • No. of pedals: 3
  • No. of Keys: 88
  • Colour:Black
  • Veneer:Ebony
  • Finish type:Polyester
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: 24,999.00 AUD
  • Price negotiable: Yes Negotiate the price >>
  • Transport included in the price (ground floor): Domestic - Australia
  • Tuning included in the price: Yes



Technical Specification.

Chosen and specially selected by Austral Piano World for the following facts and reasons:
A generous lenght of 179CM gives this grand piano a tremendous expressive voice.
Climate-resistant laminated pin-block provides excellent and long-lasting tuning stability.
CNC produced cast-iron plate is the foundation for high precision assembly.
A newly constructed FEURICH action with a keyboard made of solid Austrian spruce with tight growth rings helps to generate an extraordinary and precise touch.
Paulello stainless steel strings create a far richer tone with strong longevity, will not rust.
We feel that the intricate, modern construction enables a beautiful , long lasting tone.
Robust pedal lyre construction and the special FEURICH brass solid cast pedal provied noiselss easy to handle pedalling , that requires minimal maintenance.
Typical FEURICH design: the open work music stand ensures tonal reflection is not compromised by the music stand.
Specially big rollers for easy shifting.
Furthermore, the soft fall for the keyboard cover and black keys made of real wood accentuate the piano's extraordinary quality.
Now has a built in music hellogen lamp, in the music desk.
Used all over the world in music schools and conservatories, equally appreciated by piano technicians and pianists!
GründerIn 1851 in Leipzig Julius Gustav Feurichfounded the piano manufacturing company FEURICH at the cost of 1 gold mark.

Even the father and grandfather of the founder had learned to build pianos and harpsichords. The tradition of the family thus derives from the 18th century.

Julius Gustav Feurich was the first piano manufacturer in Germany to build the upright piano with an under-damper action, years ahead of its rivals.

The second plant in Leipzig - Leutzsch was founded in 1911. Here 360 people made 1,000 upright pianos a year and 600 grand pianos, which were sold throughout the world

. At that time, besides Europe, Feurich established a particularly strong market in Australia, Chile and Brazil. FEURICH at that time was a member of the so-called Group of Five.

The five leading manufacturers in Germany joined forces to provide only selected pianists with concert grand pianos worldwide.

FEURICH had at that time 60 company-owned large concert grand pianos on stages throughout the world.

Only after the Second World War did this influential era end, as hardly any German manufacturer could produce a concert grand piano during those hard times.


A Sound that Connects
In 2010, the companies FEURICH and Wendl & Lung of Vienna, decide to enter into a close co-operation to cope with the demands of the future.

Tradition & Innovation is the motto for the cooperation of both companies with the aim of offering an excellent range of pianos from the beginner’s instrument to the concert grand.


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Contact Person: Hans Heshusius

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