SCHIEDMAYER 3/4 rosewood

26,500.00 €
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Contact Person: Carlo Restagno


  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • Year:1909
  • New / Used:Used
  • Manufacturer: Schiedmayer
  • Model: 225
  • Length:227
  • No. of pedals: 2
  • No. of Keys: 88
  • Colour:Wood (Transparent Lacquer)
  • Veneer:Rosewood
  • Decorative elements:Wooden inlays
  • Finish type:French Polish
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: 26,500.00 €



SCHIEDMAYER: one of the two or three most prestigious brands in the entire history of the piano. For this reason we decided to carry out an obsessive restoration to bring it back to its splendor and efficiency. This model was built in 1906/1907. it didn't look so good: it was black and with a lot of cracks in the soundboard. We scraped the black paint in a nook to reveal a nice rosewood. Evidently one of its previous owners had preferred it black. To repair the cracks on the board we had to disarm the cast iron frame. At this point we thought it would be nice to give it back all the vigor of its original sound. We preferred to follow the more difficult route. Certainly it would have been easier to have us make a new board. But the soundboard is the heart of the sound and we would have lost its originality. So we took the board apart piece by piece, reassembling it with particular attention to gluing chains to resume its curvature and we are very satisfied with the final result.We were in doubt about the hammer that was not yet completely worn but, thinking about it, aiming for the best result, we chose a nice new hammer. performance plan, the new pianos of the major brands. In many years I have never heard a vintage piano play like this and we can well say that it sounds now as it did when it was new, perhaps even better (the table aged for a hundred years is lighter and vibrates better). to strip it completely so that it will show up again in its original rosewood. I'm sure that its future lucky owner will get great satisfaction.
This specimen is suitable not only for studio use in a private home but also for representation in villas, castles, hotels, etc.

Restagno Pianoforti

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Restagno Pianoforti, Italy, 10128 Torino, Via sacchi 2, +39011544658

+39011544658 Call now +39 **-*** Show phone number We are not in the store at the moment. Please send us an inquiry and we’ll get in touch with you. Send message
Contact Person: Carlo Restagno

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