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Do you want to buy a used grand piano?

When looking for a piano for sale, there are several aspects to consider before making a purchase. As with upright pianos, grand pianos on the market are available in a new or used condition. New instruments are most often covered with a few years' warranty, which confirms their impeccable technical condition. It happens that sellers also offer a guarantee for used instruments, then it is also worthwhile to take a look at the offers. Surely private sellers do not offer such a guarantee. If you are considering buying a used grand piano, you will find many offers from various manufacturers, available in many shops and offered by private advertisers. If you have already decided on a particular brand, we recommend that you take a careful look at the piano in various ways before making a purchase, as well as asking the seller about the construction elements mentioned below. Surely, thanks to the knowledge of at least the elementary parts of the piano, the seller will take you seriously, and you will be able to judge more easily whether the piano is worth its price and whether a particular offer is worthy of attention or whether you need to look for your dream instrument somewhere else.

Grand piano for sale - what do you need to pay attention to in the instrument case?

The casing of an instrument such as a piano is usually a large surface covered with high gloss polyester varnish, or a veneer imitating some kind of wood, e.g. walnut or mahogany, also covered with varnish, or a polished surface. If you want to have a piano at home that looks impeccable visually, we recommend that you look at the state of the lids to see if their surface is not scratched or varnished, similarly to the piano legs, which will probably be finished with the same material. The lids of the piano are an integral part of the piano together with its body, the lacquer of which should also not be visually damaged if the instrument is described as "after renovation". but if used and in its original condition it may have slight scratches on the body as traces of use. It is also worth paying attention to the so-called accessories of the used piano - hinges, pedals and lock - they should not be rusty or have patina. The last noteworthy element of the piano's casing is the lyre box in which the pedals of the piano are fixed, whether it is damaged or not. If the above mentioned elements of the housing of a used piano are without any major reproaches, the piano will look beautiful in your home or apartment.

Used grand piano for sale - what should you pay attention to in the instrument acoustics?

Acoustic elements of the piano structure are very important for the pianist in terms of its sound qualities. Compared to the upright piano, in a used grand piano, they are very easily available to the eye of the discerning buyer, if only we know what we are looking for. The first element is the piano tunic, which should not be cracked, in which the pins are fixed, and to which in turn the piano strings are fixed, which are, as we know, very important elements of the piano. In a used grand piano, the pins should not get rusty or have patina, and the strings should not get rusty either. Very important in a grand piano is the resonance bottom, which should not have any scratches or cracks, which will definitely affect the sound of the instrument. Another perfectly visible element of the grand piano is a cast iron frame, whose paint, usually golden, should not be damaged either.

A second-hand grand piano for sale - what should be noted in the mechanism of the instrument?

The mechanism and keyboard of the piano are also very important, it is with the keyboard that the pianist's hands have direct contact with, so it would be worthwhile for the keys not to be yellowed or visually damaged. What is also important is the condition of the hammers and their handles, which when hitting the strings give the sound of the instrument. Their felt should not be destroyed or worn if the piano is to serve us properly. Similarly, felts of silencers should not be worn out if they are to serve their function properly. If you lean over the interior of the piano, you can easily make a self-assessment, or ask your dealer to show you the elements that interest you.

To sum up, we always recommend that you prepare yourself to buy a piano, because it is not once a big investment for the family of a student, or a student who sees a piano career ahead of him. It is known that professional sellers have much more knowledge than we do, but thanks to your knowledge of the basics, they will take you seriously as a buyer, and we will avoid the unpleasant surprise of additional repair costs if we buy an instrument blindly, without getting familiar with it. Good luck during the search! :)

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