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Yamaha B3E

24,570.00 PLN
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  • Type:Upright piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • New / Used:New
  • Valid warranty:Yes
  • Rent:Yes Details of rental
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Model: b3E
  • Height:121
  • Width:152
  • Length:62
  • No. of pedals: 3
  • No. of Keys: 88
  • Colour:Black
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: 24,570.00 PLN



The Yamaha B3E is the largest and most expressive B series piano. 121 cm high, a solid spruce resonance plate covered with high quality lacquer and 5 skeleton beams in the back make the B3 sound powerful, rich, yet deep and clear. The piano is modelled on the Japanese U1 model, has the same strings, a very similar frame and bridge construction. Traditional look, keyboard brackets and elegant details make this instrument add style to any room. The B3 model is equipped with wheels for easy movement. As with the more expensive models in the series, the piano is built with high quality materials, with due precision and respect for tradition.
All acoustic pianos and grand pianos come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

- Full model designation: B3E PE
- Finishing: PE (Polished Ebony) - black gloss, brass pedals and flap hinges
- Weight: 237 kg
- Number of keys: 88
- Number of pedals: 3
- Keyboard supports: yes
- Wheels: yes
- Type of hammers: Series B Special
- Slowly falling key cover: no
- Guarantee: 5 years

Do you want to start playing the piano?
- Don't you know how long it will take you to play?
- Do you not want to decide to buy it right away?
Rent it from us!
How does it work?
We bring the instrument to you, prepare it for playing, and if you cancel your rental, we take it back. If you decide to buy it, you will pay us the amount minus your rental payments! Simple, right? All the formalities can be done without leaving home.
Find out what your benefits are:
- We will pick up the old instrument
- Two tunings per year in the instrument price
- Free transport up to 50 km
- The first two rental instalments will pay for you!

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+48518016471 Call now +48 **-*** Show phone number We are not in the store at the moment. Please send us an inquiry and we’ll get in touch with you. Send message
Contact Person: Mateusz Dobrowolski

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