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Used Yamaha C3 - 1981, Grand piano

8,550.00 €
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  • Type:Grand piano
  • Acoustic / Digital:Acoustic
  • Year:1981
  • New / Used:Used
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Model: C3
  • Height:101
  • Width:149
  • Length:186
  • No. of pedals: 3
  • No. of Keys: 88
  • Serial Number: 3170561
  • Colour:Black
  • Gloss level:High Gloss


  • Price: 8,550.00 €



Yamaha C3 concert piano for sale, serial number 3170561, produced in Japan in the 1980s.

The piano is in like new condition, it has just been restored with a change of strings (white and red), pins, hooks and mechanics.

In addition, the tuning was stabilized and the tuning for concert was performed (intonation, mechanical adjustment, escapements, hammer / string distance, lubrication, etc.).

Aesthetic condition like new with shiny mirror polish.

I offer included in the price the transport (up to 150 €), the tuning (on site of delivery) and the new bench.

the quality / price ratio of the instrument is very high.
ivato 10431, treatable even a lot if you come and try it.

Price of the new 26,500 euros, savings of more than 19,000 euros if you come and try it.

The line of pianos called C from Yamaha is the top of the range of the Japanese company, the C3 model is the best-selling concert half-tail in the world.

Width 149 cm
Height 101cm
Length 186 cm

P.s. write me on Whatsapp if you find it busy or off, I will reply as soon as possible.

Contact, if interested, at . I am available, if seriously interested, to send you an accurate video on Whatsapp of piano test and demonstration of mechanical components and wear. Possibility of distance selling with a regular contract.
Mondini, Tuner.

Pietro Mondini

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Contact Person: Pietro Mondini

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