Używany Steingraeber & Söhne E-272 - 2006, Fortepian

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  • Typ:Fortepian
  • Akustyczne / Cyfrowe:Akustyczny
  • Rok:2006
  • Nowy / Używany:Używany
  • Marka: Steingraeber & Söhne
  • Model: E-272
  • Długość:272
  • Mechanizm: Renner
  • Liczba pedałów: 3
  • Liczba Klawiszy: 88
  • Numer Seryjny: 44800
  • Kolor:Czarny
  • Typ wykończenia:Poliester
  • Poziom połysku:Wysoki Połysk


  • Cena: Zapytaj o cenę



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2006, Fortepian

2006 Steingraeber & Söhne E-272 Concert Grand Piano with unique additional action - Mint condition (Serial No. 44800)

It is rare for a Steingraeber piano to come onto the second hand market, but it is particularly rare to find a previously owned E-272 Concert Grand, the flagship model from Steingraeber & Söhne, considered to be one of the world’s finest piano manufacturers.

This piano has come to market after its sole owner, an amateur pianist, recently passed away. Since it’s purchase, this stunning hand-built instrument has been expertly maintained by just two concert piano technicians, both of whom are approved by Steingraeber & Söhne themselves.

It is in mint condition, having only had light use, and has been kept in a dark room that was also used as a home cinema, completely away from any type of natural light. It has been tuned 3 times a year since purchase (though it has only ever needed a trim tuning due to its excellent stability, it’s owner liked to ensure it was perfect at all times).

Uniquely, this concert grand piano also comes with an additional action, which was given to the owner to test an innovative new roller design. Both actions have been regularly serviced and regulated. Because the two actions were swapped over once or twice per year throughout its life, both actions have very little wear. One action is voiced slightly more mellow than the other, allowing the pianist to have two different sounds from one piano, ideal for a broad and varied repertoire. The spare action comes in a custom built wooden storage/transport box constructed by Steingraeber & Söhne, with heavy duty carry handles at each end and a hinged top lid.

The piano is also fitted with a twin-tank Dampp-Chaser “Piano Life Saver Humidity System”, fitted by Steingraeber at their factory in Bayreuth, Germany (fitted with a UK plug) as well as a Dampp-Chaser undercover for added protection.

It is worth noting that the piano’s late owner was absolutely meticulous about keeping his room at a constant humidity all year round to protect this piano, which was his pride and joy.

As expected of Steingraeber, the build quality of the piano is of the highest calibre, with the utmost standards of handcrafted workmanship and materials, with obvious attention to even the smallest detail.

This is a quite remarkable piano, with a thundering, powerful bass and sparkling, bell-like treble, making it ideal for a concert hall but it would be equally at home in a large room or recording studio.

The piano is currently located at a property in Sidcup, South East London, England but it would be possible to ship worldwide. Buyer to pay all shipping costs, including at import/export fees, taxes and duties and no refunds can be given.

Please contact me for more information.


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