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AMH Pianos

London / Wielka Brytania

Wielka Brytania, W6 7PU London, 144c Sulgrave Road,
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Complete overhauls are our speciality. AMH Pianos offers re-stringing, maintenance and repairs to soundboards, fitting brand-new adjustable slabs where essential, key repair works and full activity rebuilds, using only the highest quality parts, which are always readily available to us.
Inexpensive fine piano adjustments and maintenance and repairs to the highest industry standard criteria, for all piano variations, vendors and bespoke requirements is what we do best at AMH Pianos. We have altered many pianos and would be happy to provide you a free quotation.
Regular piano repairs besides adjusting, could additionally consist of sticking or non-functioning tricks, 'sounding on' of sound, pedal problems, eand so much more. Whatever your needs, we would be happy to discuss the best course of action for you. All of these services are available at extremely competitive rates.

We can furthermore, change your piano's tone and touch. Plus you can have your musical equipment transformed from a rough tinny audio into a richer, complete tone, at very low prices.
Other maintenance consists of piano mechanical action overhauls, piano restringing, and so on baby-grand-piano
AMH Pianos has years of dedicated expertise in piano servicing, adjusting and renovating all piano makes and models, offering our services to London's musicians, homes, theatres and recording studios. We firmly insist upon adjusting off-the-cuff. Our methods generate far better, more reliable, longer lasting tunings compared to electronic methods.


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AMH Pianos

AMH Pianos, Wielka Brytania, W6 7PU London, 144c Sulgrave Road,

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08:00 - 10:00

0044 75 0066 1581 Zadzwoń 004 **-*** Pokaż numer
Osoba kontaktowa: Andy Howard

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