Local advertisement - Area 50+

For each 100 people from your area that will see your ad you will pay less than 1€

3,891 impressions per month

Average number of impressions of your piano shop ad monthly, if you use the Area 50+ service

6 critical places

The ad of your piano shop will be displayed in 6 critical places of the portal See where

7,850 km² / 3,017 mi² reach

The ad of your piano shop will be displayed in the radius of 50 km/31 mi. . It’s 7,850km² / 3,017 mi² !

Service is included in Piano Salon subscription
Full specifications - Piano Salon
Buy now - Piano Salon (79 EUR/USD)

Be the first piano shop seen by a local customer. Activation in 2 minutes.


Pay for selected service - Area 50+ or Piano salon subscription


Add banners in your profile (you can add up to 3 banners)


Select the picture that should be used as your "Area 50+" banner.

The best size is 1200 x 500px. Whatever added picture can be cropped to the size of the banner by editing it in the banner configurations.

Reach local piano buyers

Be the first choice for your local customers visiting Klaviano.com

Thanks to the "Area 50+" service, every local customer that visits Klaviano.com will first see an advertisement of your piano shop. This is possible with the use of banners with your ad positioned in 6 critical places of the portal:

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Reach up to 100 local customers for less than 1€