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Sonny's Luxury Art Case Pianos


Over the past 15 years, Sonny has created an innovative, interactive, all video website and TV channel completely devoted to pianos, music, health and well being. Through his website he also buys and sells pre-owned pianos. He currently sells over 90% of his pianos online via creative video tours wherein he plays and demonstrates his pianos for sale for all the world to see. He has a solid reputation and backs all sales with warranties and a team of refinishers and piano repair staff to assure excellence. Many customers are pleasantly surprised at how accessible he makes himself, still speaking directly with most customers and providing genuine advice with his extensive knowledge of pianos. He ships all over the country and this year, the business has expanded to such places as Taiwan, Canada, England and Australia. The business continues to expand and with it, Sonny's Internet presence has grown.

Services offered

  • Complete restoration
  • Cabinet restoration
  • Tuning

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Sonny's Luxury Art Case Pianos

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