Piano Auto Update

Update your offers without trying
Do you have a lot of instruments for sale but you are too busy with your business to add all of them?

We will do it for you!

How does Auto Update work?
After buying the service one of our consultants will contact you and will discuss how you want your full profile updated including all your instruments.
You have a new account on Klaviano...
By supplying us with your offer in an established form we will complete your profile and instrument list.
You have a profile on Klaviano but your offer is outdated...
Buy the service and send us the updated details in your preferred format (After discussing this with our consultant), and we will take care of the rest.

We can add or update your profile on Klaviano.com

We can add or update your profile on Klaviano.com

Update your details and also information about your business

Fit your logo and banners

Full service for your Klaviano.com account
starting at 20.00€

Activate the Auto Update service and we will contact you within 24h to determine the details

Try the update