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Gebruikte, Blüthner, 6 (190)
Jaar: 1909 Lengte: 190 cm
Land: Frankrijk Stad: Saint-Maur-des-Fossés
Bedrijf/ Geverifieerde verkoper

Blüthner is a German brand producing top quality upright and grand pianos in Leipzig. Although the company was nationalised in 1972, it remained under the management of the Blüthner family and was the largest piano company in Europe. Unfortunately, the production facility was bombed during the Second World War. After the war, the East German government allowed the Blüthner family to rebuild the factory. After the complete liberation of eastern Europe, the company was again owned by the Blüthner family.

Blüthner - is it worth buying an upright or grand piano of this brand?

Absolutely yes! Blüthner upright and grand pianos are magnificent instruments with extremely light tone characteristics, the sound is rich and sparkling! Blüthner instruments are renowned for their transparency and warm, rich sound. "They create a dark, chocolate sound with a sparkling treble," says Christian Blüthner.

How much is a Blüthner upright piano worth?

Since the company’s inception in the 19th century, its founders have made longevity a top priority. Blüthner instruments are made to last for generations, and the Blüthner family has stuck to the same traditions since the company was founded, some 160 years ago. A long-lived instrument will always sound good, and consequently the value of a well-maintained instrument will not decline. I would venture to say that buying a Blüthner upright or grand piano is an investment.

Blüthner boasts a wide price range. In their offer we can find instruments from about a thousand to over forty thousand euros. This is a price range in which both the beginner pianist and the experienced musician will find an instrument for themselves.

How are Blüthner instruments made?

Blüthner soundboards are made from spruce wood from the Alps, which is well prepared for this purpose. The trees are carefully cut down and stored away for 10 years. After a long ageing period, the raw material is cut into quarter pieces and then the best boards are selected to make an upright or grand piano.

Blüthner upright and grand pianos

Blüthner upright pianos have a very full, warm, romantic and lyrical, generally deeper and darker sound than some of their German counterparts. The sustain is satisfactory, but at low volume levels, which gives the sound a refined, delicate character. The action is somewhat light, but well responsive. The upright pianos are built from excellent materials and are reasonably priced compared to their competitors.

Blüthner grand pianos, on the other hand, have several unique technical features. The notes in the highest soprano section (about the upper two octaves) each have four strings instead of three. An extra string is slightly raised above the others. This effect is heard mainly in middle and forte playing. Simply put, this treatment adds colour and enhances the sound quality of the treble.

Another feature relates to angled hammers, which may look strange at first, although their use is much more complicated. It turns out that angled hammers are cut at an angle and mounted straight on the shafts, allowing them to fit more easily into the string line - a rare occurrence. Typically, the hammers are chamfered straight but mounted at an angle. According to the makers, the effect of this treatment is an almost perfectly evenly distributed striking force. The visual effect is an even hammer line.

Blüthner was probably the first company in the world to design and build a grand piano for left-handed pianists. It is a completely inverted piano, with the high keys, hammers and strings on the left and the basses on the right. When it was introduced, a pianist gave a concert on it after only a few hours of practice! It is currently available in 6′ 10″ and 9′ 2″ sizes.

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