A propos de nous

For professional pianists 
We have a dream to create a place, where every pianist will have the possibility to express his unique and individual style. In addition to that, we also care about more practical aspects of pianist’s life. We want to make it easier for the pianists to find a student or performance opportunity.
For piano students and their parents
Our dream is that students have a place where they are fully served and find everything they are looking for. They will find an instrument optimal for their needs  and reliable, as well as professional information about how to choose an appropriate instrument. They will find a technician in their area, who will prepare the instrument professionally. In the end, they will find a teacher with a fully professional profile and opinions of other people who used their services, to whom they will, with a calm mind, hand on valued piano education. We desire to make KLAVIANO.COM to be this place.
For piano teachers
We believe that piano teachers deserve a place on the internet dedicated for them. We want KLAVIANO.COM to create these opportunities for piano teachers. We want to achieve it by creating the possibility to build a professional teacher profile – where they could show their qualifications and experience as well as gather opinions of current students and their parents – and in this way help students and their parents to make the best decision when choosing a piano teacher. All the while hosting a liaison where one can find a wonderful instrument. We believe that the piano teacher profession can be even more fulfilling and interesting, and it is our desire to achieve this together with teachers.
For piano specialists/technicians
We desire to give piano specialists the opportunity to build their image in the internet by creating professional profiles and gathering opinions of people who already used their services, advertising their services and reaching even greater number of people interested in their services. Our dream is to create the place where piano technicians will have the possibility to exchange experience and knowledge. We believe that an even greater professionalism of piano specialists will influence and energize the piano industry in general. We desire to deliver solutions that enable professional development.
For companies in Piano Industry 
We believe that the piano industry deserves its own place in the internet. We desire to create this internet space, demonstrating the offers of the piano industry companies in a way that is complete and accurate. That is why we have created the possibility to present this service, customized for a particular profile of each company.
For institutions
We believe that the piano events created by organized institutions, deserve a dedicated space(no coma) reserved especially for them. This is the reason why there is a possibility to add and observe piano events on KLAVIANO.COM.  Furthermore, the portal is a medium through which the institution ca, market and monetize the old instruments that are no longer good enough for requirements and standards of the institution but might be good enough for the person who is less demanding and has smaller budget in a simple manner. In this way, the institution can improve its financial situation, but it can also influence propagation and availability of piano music and culture in general.
For the people who love piano music 
All we do, we eventually do it for people who love piano music. The technician prepares the instrument for a pianist. The teacher devotes his time for a pianist, so he could learn to play. Klaviano.com creates solutions that help them to do their job. The pianist practices long and very frequent hard hours. But in the end, this moment when the person who loves piano music enjoys it, this and solely this, is the thing that makes all our efforts meaningful. In the end, all we do, we do for people who love the sound and music of piano. Especially for these people, the pianists create their music. Eventually these are the people for whom we gather all kinds of piano events and create the possibility to present pianist's music and profile.
For people that want to purchase a single instrument or service 
For all these people we strive to offer the biggest selection of pianos and make the process of looking for piano more enjoyable and easier than ever before. For this purpose we gather the ads from all kind of piano portals and present them in a clear and intuitive way.
We are the group of people fascinated by everything connected with the piano. Part of us can forget about the world when listening to music. Part of us is fascinated with piano as a machine and its incredibly precise and advanced mechanism. Others admire visual aspects of the piano and the craftsmanship that is necessary to create the pieces of art integral to the piano. Still others with great curiosity follow all the news on the piano. We hope that you can feel this fascination and dynamism on the pages of our portal.
The mission of klaviano.com? 
Our mission is :
"Klaviano.com to become the most reliable and important source of information about grand and upright pianos. Klaviano.com developing solutions for people – Pianists, Piano students, Piano technicians, Piano teachers, Companies, Institutions and Piano music lovers. Klaviano.com wishes to overcome and destroy geographical and language barriers that exist in the world of pianos "
Values of pianteca.com team ? 
Creativity, Originality and Unconventional thinking
We desire to bring our mission to life in a creative, original and brave way.
Innovation but also tradition
We believe that the piano industry has huge innovation potential. We desire to stimulate and support innovation in all possible ways. However, we also remember that there are solutions in to the piano that are so excellent and practical, that one can say they are perfect. We do not aim at change at any cost. We want to change, only when the change is the change for better.
Reliability and knowledge
In every aspect of our work and website we require 100% reliability and correspondence to the facts. We do our best to always make sure that all information available on the website is true and reliable.
Esthetics and beauty 
We believe that almost as important as reliability of information and work is esthetics and the way the information and work is presented. We do our best, so that our portal was clear, intuitive and simply pretty, so that you could truly enjoy it.
We know that the group of people that created KLAVIANO.COM would never alone create the portal as good as the one that can be created with a joint effort of a broader group of people. Without the help of others who are more knowledgeable and experienced than we, we would never create KLAVIANO.COM for you. We desire to continue following this path. If you miss any important information, or have an idea of what kind of information or functionality we should add, would like to have your part in development of the website, the same applies to false information found on the site, please contact us at  feedback@klaviano.com
Klaviano.com was created to serve people who love pianos. It is incredibly important for us and we will always remember about it.
How ? 
We always have a fresh look and try to rediscover every aspect of piano. We believe that there is huge undiscovered and unexplored potential and possibilities to be creative and innovative. Love to the pianos is not equal to love to conservative thinking, which it is often associated with. Love to the piano is love to the music and the sound of piano and making this music sounding breathtakingly beautiful.