Términos de uso y política de privacidad

                   Terms of Service for Members

                                                 GENERAL PROVISIONS

1.        This terms of use document defines the rules for the use of Klaviano.com and conditions for of provision by the owner of the service to the users on the Site Services Klaviano.com.
2.        Klaviano.com reserves the right to determine the detailed rules and the scope of various services in separate documents.
3.        The technical requirement of Service Klaviano.com is to have a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser. In the case of the use of certain Services the user needs to have a valid e-mail address. Use of the Service is only possible through a web browser.
4.        The terms of use are continuously available on the Website Klaviano.com in a way that users of the website can access, read and save its content through print or save to the location on user’s computer.
5.        The owner of the Website Klaviano.com is SAP PROFESSIONAL MUSIC Krzysztof Skwarek , 62-800 Kalisz , ul. Obozowa 18 (NIP 6180000759 , ID 003340676 ) Poland .
6.        User of Klaviano.com can only be a natural person who is 18 years old or older, and have full legal capacity, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality.


7.        Use of the Website Klaviano.com is free and/or payable in the field of placing paid ads.
8.        Among other services, the website Klaviano.com allows the users: to obtain information about the goods and services offered by online shops and private sellers / providers in other websites through search engine available at Klaviano.com in particular by comparing the prices, posting opinions or reviews relating to goods / services, or conduct of a transaction. The search can be done in particular by: product category, name or model of the goods / services , names of the seller / provider, the technical condition of the goods , opinions and reviews of other users .
9.        The information about goods and services placed on the Website Klaviano.com are derived from Web Stores and private sellers / providers in other classifieds websites and ads placed by users directly on Klaviano.comKlaviano.com strives to assure that the information available on the website was presented by sellers in accordance with current facts. In case of any doubt about the offer or other matters related to the transaction, description, price, availability of goods/services, you should contact directly the Online Store or private seller/service provider, unless it concerns a notice placed by the user directly in the Service Klaviano.com.
10.      Any purchase transaction between you and the Online Store or private seller/service provider takes place under the conditions, lie down by the Rules of Online Shop or under a separate agreement with a private seller/service provider . Service Klaviano.com is not responsible for the delivery of goods, performance of the service and the course of the transaction. Service Klaviano.com is not responsible for the execution of delivery of the goods in accordance with the contract, a warranty, guarantee or consumer rights related to the product and the sales transaction, for non-performance or improper performance of obligations by the Online Store service or private vendor/service provider for quality, safety and legality of the goods, services, as well as the veracity and accuracy of their descriptions.


11.      Users have the ability to :
                 (a) use the Service Klaviano.com without registration, or
                 (b) the registration on the site Klaviano.com using the tools available on the  Website and log on to the Website with the use of login data set during registration.
12.      In order to register on the portal Klaviano.com click on the button " Create account " available on every page of the site. After click the button, the user is directed to the first sub page/first phase of registration, where he submits/creates his :
                 (a) login - username
                 (b) password
                 (c) e-mail address
      (d) selects one of seven possible types of accounts ( "Private Person", " Piano Student ", " Piano Teacher ", " Pianist ", " Specialist ", " Company", " Institution/School " )
         (e) (optional , depending on the type of account ) creates address of his individual page in the form of http://www.klaviano.com/sample_name/
13.      After filling data in the first registration stage the User clicks the button - "Next Step", and after being directed to the second subpage of registration he enters the data depending on the type of account. Required fields are marked with an (*).  for which consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the Act from 29 august 1997r about protection of personal data ( Dz. U z 2002r. Nr. 101, poz.926).
14.      If the user chooses the account type “COMPANY” he needs to provide:
                (a) Name of company *
                (b) Foundation year
                (c) Logo
                (d) Type of company ( select from a list )*
                (e) Website
                (f) Tax identification Number
                (g) Telephone number *
                (h) Country *
                (i) City *
                (j) Zip-Code *
                (k) Address *
                (l) About Us
                (m) Company History
               (n) Services offered
               (o) acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service * .
15.      If the user chooses the account type “SPECIALIST” he needs to provide:
               (a) Name *
               (b) Last Name *
               (c) Gender
               (d) Year of Birth
               (e) Website
               (f) Country *
               (g) City *
               (h) Zip-Code *
               (i) Address *
               (j) contact telephone number *
               (k) the professional Associations the user belongs to
               (l) Professional Certificates of the user
               (m) Answers to a few questions about music / piano
               (n) Services offered
               (o) Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service *.
16.      If the user chooses the account type “TEACHER” he needs to provide :
               (a) Name *
               (b) Last Name *
               (c) School /institution in which They work
               (d) Education/formation
               (e) the professional Associations the user belongs to,
               (f) Services offered
               (g) Gender
               (h) Date of Birth
               (i) Country *
               (j) City *
               (k) Code *
               (l) Address *
               (m) Contact phone number *
               (n) Answers to a few questions about music / piano
               (o) Website
               (p) Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service *.
17.      If the user chooses the account type “STUDENT” he needs to provide:
               (a) Name *
               (b) Last Name *
               (c) the school / institution in which he teaches
               (d) Gender
               (e) Year of birth *
               (f) Country *
               (g) City *
               (h) Code *
               (i) Address *
               (j) Date of birth
               (k) About Me
             (L) Answers a few questions about music / piano
             (m) Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service *.
18.      If the user chooses the account type “PIANIST” he needs to provide:
             (a) Name *
             (b) Last Name *
             (c) Style of play *
             (d) Year of Birth
             (e) Gender
             (f) Country *
             (g) City *
             (h) Code *
             (i) Address *
             (j) Contact phone
             (k) Website
             (l) Music School/Institution
             (m) Answers to a few questions about music / piano
             (n) About Me
             (o) Biography
             (p) Discography
             (q) Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service *.
19.      If the user chooses the account type “PRIVATE PERSON” he needs to provide:
             (a) Name *
             (b) Last Name *
             (c) Gender
             (d) Year of Birth
             (e) Date of Birth
             (f) Contact phone
             (g) Country *
             (h) City *
             (i) Postal code *
             (j) Address *
             (k) Contact Number
             (q) Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service *.
20.      If the user chooses the account type “INSTITUTION” he needs to provide:
             (a) Name *
             (b) Type *
             (c) Founded
             (d) Logo
             (e) Website
             (f) Country *
             (g) City *
             (h) Code *
             (i) Address *
             (j) Contact phone number *
             (k) About Us
              (l) History
              (m) Services offered
              (n) Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the service *.
21.      After completion of step 2, the user will receive an e -mail message with and activation link for his account, in order to verify his email address. When he clicks the activation link will be activated. In case of institution account type, account activation occurs by Administrator’s verification and authorization.
22.      In addition to the steps described in paragraphs 12-21, there is the possibility of a quick registration on the portal for account type " PRIVATE PERSON " by registering and synchronizing with user’s Facebook account. If the user selects "quick registration" he should give only his e-mail address and password and other user data can be entered later, as described in paragraph 25 "MODIFICATION OF ACCOUNT".
23.      Website Registration on Klaviano.com consists of acceptance of the Terms of service (as specified in this document) and submitting true, current, complete information about You in the registration form. Registration allows storing data in the Service with the goal of more convenient use of the services offered by website.
24.      After registration, the user can log on to the Website Klaviano.com to his own profile. To do this, he needs to select "Sign In" button visible on every page of the portal and enter his username/login and password.
25.      In order to modify his data, the user needs to select "My Profile" button from account menu and then edit the data provided during registration.
26.      In order to delete the account the user should provide a request to remove his account via the contact form in the footer of the page " CONTACT" or by sending an e -mail to admin@klaviano.com. The request to remove the account will be processed within 7 days of receipt of the request.
27.      Registration to the portal is free.
28.      You can have and use only one Account in the Service Klaviano.com.
29.      Klaviano.com retains full rights to the personal pages created by the members referred to in section 12, subsection (e) of this Document. Klaviano.com has the right to change the address of the user pages chosen by him during the recording without specifying the reason.
30.      Service Administrator of Klaviano.com has the right to remove user’s account without specifying the reason, particularly when data provided by the User shows clear evidence of their falsity or have breached in any way the rules of the Service Klaviano.com .
31.      In relation to personal data transmitted by users, the administrator of personal data within the meaning of the Act from 29th August from 1997 about Protection of Personal Data (tj. Dz. U. z 2002 roku, nr 101, poz. 926 z późn zm) is SAP PROFESSIONAL MUSIC Krzysztof Skwarek , 62-800 Kalisz , ul. Obozowa 18 - NIP 6180000759 , REGON 003340676 ).
32.      User’s personal data are processed in particular for the proper implementation of the services provided on the site such as the user’s publication of ads, for the consideration of complaints made ​​by users and the refund of benefits in case of termination of the contract, in order to provide information about services and the current offer are communicated to other users who decide to purchase user's product/service.
33.      Your personal data are processed in accordance with the law, including provisions of the Act from 29th August 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act from 18th July 2002 about providing electronic services.
34.      Klaviano.com selects and uses appropriate technical and organizational means to protect the processed data with proper care, including programming safeguards, in particular, protects data from access by unauthorized persons and other cases of disclosure or loss and protects against destruction or unauthorized modification data, as well as against their treatment in violation with applicable laws. Klaviano.com exercises permanent control over the process of data processing and restricts access to the data as far as possible, by providing appropriate authorizations only when it is necessary for the proper delivery of services.
35.      Klaviano.com enables Users to enforce their rights under the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, including the right to access their personal data and correct them, and the right to control the processing of your personal data as described in the present Act. In particular, each of the Members may make a request to cease the processing of his personal data, to object when the data controller intends to process them for marketing purposes or transfer it to another administrator.
36.      Service Klaviano.com has cookies policy, which is based on the requirement of law resulting from the amendment of the Act of 16 July 2004, “Prawo Telekomunikacyjne”.
37.      Cookies are computer data, especially text files that are stored on the device by which user accesses the website, and are intended for use on the webpages of the service. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which they come, the period of time for which they are stored on the user’s device and a unique number.
38.      The administrator informs that the Service collects only the information contained in cookies, but does not collect any other information about the User. In particular, the Administrator declares that the Site is not using tracking cookies, which are files that allow you to spy on users.
39.      Service Administrator informs that cookies are used for the following purposes:
               (a) Adjustment contents of the Service for User preferences and optimizing the use of websites. In particular, these files allow identifying the user’s device and properly displaying the web page tailored to their individual needs.
               (b) Maintain User session (if user is logged in), which means that the user does not have to log on every page of the Service.
               (c) Creation of statistics that provide a basis for analyzing how users use the web pages.
40.      Administrator reports that the Service uses two types of cookies:
               (a) Session cookies, which are temporary files that are stored in the user’s device until he logs out, leaves the website or disables the Web browser.
               (b) Persistent cookies, which are files that are stored in the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until removal by the user.
41.      Please be aware that the software used for browsing the web (browser) very often implicitly allows storage of cookies in the user’s device. Users can change the cookie settings at any time. These settings can usually be changed in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies or inform on them every time they enter the device of the user.
42.      Administrator declares that the restriction of the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Website.

                              OPINIONS, REVIEWS AND COMMENTS YOU

43.      Users have the option to post statements (including opinions, reviews, comments) relating to the product including its advantages and disadvantages, the service ordered, the course of transactions, online store as well as private sellers/service providers and already placed the opinion of other users.
44.      The published comments are the subjective users ranks. Users are responsible for the content of such statements.
45.      User comments must not violate applicable laws including the rights of third parties - in particular may not have defamatory nature, violate personal rights or constitute an act of unfair competition.
46.      Klaviano.com Service Administrator reserves the right to remove Users opinions/reviews /comments without specifying the reason.


47.      The content of listing of the user is set by the user.
48.      In case of any doubt, it is assumed that the content of the ad is an invitation to treat.
49.      Ads on Klaviano.com are available to all users of Internet. Along with the ad the user interested in the object of the ad can see the contact form, which (without revealing your e-mail address of the advertiser - depending on the choice of the Advertiser) allows each user of the Internet to send messages to the e-mail address assigned to the account, or contact the advertiser through the "Contact with user".
50.      Ads placed by users directly in the Service Klaviano.com should include the actual price of the product/service.
51.      Klaviano.com Service Administrator reserves the right to refuse to publish or remove a listing without specifying the reason. If the ad has already been paid, the Administrator shall promptly refund the amount paid.
52.      There is no limit as to the number of items/services displayed at the same time.
53.      Placing ads in the Service Klaviano.com requires to fill in the form available on the Website Klaviano.com by filling in all the required fields, entering the e-mail address, accepting the Terms and Conditions and activating ads by payments (only for paid ads).
54.      Listings are published free of charge or for a fee depending on the type of ads.
55.      Payments for publication of advertisement can be done in 3 ways:
                (a) the first way is to pay when adding the listing. In this case, the user selects package/plan (plan “PREMIUM” or package " UNLIMITED ") and when he finishes creating the listing he is automatically redirected to the PayPal payment gateway, where he can make payment for the selected service in accordance with the terms and conditions of PayPal (www.PayPal.com).
                (b) The second payment option is payment after adding ads. When you initially decide to select " FREE" plan, it can be changed later by modifying the listing. At the top of the edit page for an ad there is a link, which can be click by the user, after which the user is redirected to payment pages where he chooses an interesting option and is redirected to the payment gateways (see point (a)).
                (c) The third way is to purchase a package/plan in advance and use it later. For this purpose, you should select " My Packages " in the account panel, choose the package that interests you, and then pay for it (see point a).
56.      Types of packages and plans, along with their price:
               (a) Individual listings - instrument/event: Plan FREE (free) - the time of listing publication in Service is 14 days (listing may contain up to 3 images and one video, and content of added files must be directly related to the stated content of listing) ;                                           
               (b) Individual listing – service : Plan FREE (free) - the time of listing publication in Service is 14 days (listing may contain up to 3 images and one video, and content of added files must be directly related to the stated content of listing) ;
                (c) 3 premium listings : plan PREMIUM (paid amount : 3 Euro) - the time of listing publication in the Service is 31 days (listing may contain an unlimited number of photos and videos but the total size of files per one listing can not be larger than 132 MB, and the contents files must be directly related to the stated object of listing) ;
                (d) Unlimited listing package (payable amount : 30 Euro) - the time of listing publication in the Service is 31 days (listing may contain an unlimited number of photos and videos but the total size of files per one listing can not be larger than 132 MB, and the contents files must be directly related to the stated object of listing) .
57.      After completing all the steps by the user he gets an e-mail message that confirms receipt of the order.
58.      As a consumer, you may within 10 days of the agreement indicated in point. 44-48 renounce the contract without specifying the reason by writing an appropriate statement and sending it to the following address: 62 - 800 Kalisz , ul. Obozowa 18. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before expiry of the period specified above. If with the consent of the user operator activates emission of an ad and delivery of the service was started, withdrawal is no longer possible. The fee paid for the listing will be immediately returned to the account from which it was paid.
59.      During the listing emission the user has the right to modify its content. To do this, he needs to use the user panel, select the " My services listings "/" My Events listings" or "My instruments listings" depending on the type of a listing, and then select the ad that he wants to modify and click on the edit icon.
60.      After ending of the emission time, listing becomes inactive and it is possible to re-activate it (see paragraph 50).
61.      The invoices are issued to the users only at their request.
62.      To receive an invoice for the service of placing listings on Klaviano.com you must contact the site administrators through the contact form available on the website or send an e-mail with data within (First Name, Last Name, Company Address, Tax identification number etc.). 7 days from the date of purchase of the service,
63.      User is not allowed to place listings that in their content are any form of advertising or promotion of other Websites.
64.      It is forbidden to place listings or components with sexual overtones violating or likely to violate the moral standards or ethics, in particular, photos and other pornographic contents. Moreover, it is forbidden to place the advertisements of any media files (including photos and videos), to which the user has at least one property of copyright, which does not reflect the essential elements of the product or service, for example, separate logos, commercials, additional inscriptions (e.g. web addresses, phone numbers, texts), presentation (including composed with photos). The media file should be readable and contain no special effects or other disturbing elements of his reception.
65.      By placing the listing User is obliged to ensure that the content of the listings are true, reliable, and consistent with the applicable law, local regulations, the articles of this document, and moral standards - ethical, and in particular that it does not infringe any legal interest of third parties.
66.      The user is responsible for published content, including images posted in the content of advertisements and needs to ensure that they are in accordance with the facts and the law, and their publication does not violates the rights and interests of other users of the Service Klaviano.com and rules and the rights of third parties, including copyright.


67.      The user can submit complaints regarding non-execution or improper execution of Service by Klaviano.com within 7 days of the end of the listing emission or when the emission should end.
68.      A complaint may be submitted in writing to the following address: 62 – 800, Kalisz , ul.Obozowa 18, Poland.
69.      The complaint should include, in particular: name, e-mail address assigned to user account, or other data to identify the listing/listings, the period of issue, the circumstances justifying the claim and the specific request of the user associated with submitted complaint .
70.      The operator recognizes the complaint within 14 days of receipt of the correctly submitted claim. You will receive information about how your complaint was considered in writing.

                                                     FINAL PROVISIONS

71.      In case of changing these Regulations of Service Klaviano.com, the website administrator will inform the users on the Website.
72.      Amendment to the Regulations come into force on specified date, not less than seven days from the date of notice of the changes on the Site.
73.      In all matters not covered by this document appropriate provisions of generally applicable Polish law are applied, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code, the Law on Personal Data Protection and the Law on electronic services.
74.      All disputes between the parties to this Agreement shall be settled by the appropriate court in the territory of the Polish Republic.
75.      Regulations have been translated into other languages ​only for informative purposes for users of foreign languages. In the event of a legal dispute, the original version of the regulations in Polish is legally binding to the parties.