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Where were Hardman pianos once produced and where are they made today?

What is the value and quality of Hardman grand pianos?

How much do these instruments cost? We will answer these and other questions in this article.


Hardman Piano Company is one of the legendary American companies that has been producing upright and grand pianos since the first half of the 19th century. During this period, other great brands such as Baldwin, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, and Steinway & Sons were established.

Founder Hugh Hardman started in 1842 in New York. For many years he dreamt of creating a piano with a beautiful, warm, soft, vibrant sound and he made many attempts to achieve this tone. Since the 1970s, his son John Hardman joined the company and in 1879 he took over the business from his father, who retired. In the meantime a unique line of Hardman Art Pianos was created. In the 1980s the piano salesman Leopold Peck joined John Hardman to become John’s business partner in 1890. The main goal of this cooperation was to improve the quality of instruments to a professional concert level. The name was then changed to Hardman, Peck & Company. It was also the time when Autotone self-playing pianos appeared on sale (later also Playotone and Hardman-Duo models).

In the late 1990s, after Hardman’s death, Peck became a director of the company, running it successfully. After Leopold Peck, his sons Carl (1904) and Alfred (1911), who were well prepared for this role, took over the manufactory. Carl Hardman also had experience in working in Germany in the production of wood, which is a key material in the construction of upright and grand pianos. In the 1930’s, during the Great Depression, the Hardman, Peck & Company manufacturing plant was bought out by the Aeolian company, becoming one of the many piano factories acquired during this period. As a result, production did not stop, as it lasted for another 50 years, until American Aeolian closed down in 1985. But this is not the end of the history of Hardman upright and grand pianos - they are still being produced today!

From America to China, and the Japanese influence of Kawai

Since the 1990s, the Hardman brand has been owned by the largest independent American company, North American Music, while the production of instruments has been transferred to China. This is still the case today - for over 20 years pianos have been produced in the Beijing Hsinghai factory. Thanks to the influence of many years of cooperation with the Japanese company Kawai, the technology of creating Hardman instruments and their quality is at a very high level. This is important information, as Chinese technicians have been trained to produce Kawai pianos for the Asian market.

It is worth taking into account that these are completely different Hardman pianos than those produced for years in America. The instruments of that time were a luxury item, available only to institutions, rich pianists and artists. Pianos were largely handmade, with attention to every detail, and the production process was much longer. These instruments had exceptional class and quality, the highest level of finish, were characterized by stability, excellent construction, durability and were timeless.

Contemporary Hardman upright and grand pianos are also created with great care, but they are not top-notch instruments, and their components also differ from those used in the American manufactory. These are mid-range instruments, with a very good price/quality ratio, intended mainly for beginners and intermediate pianists. Still, Hardman upright and grand pianos have a very durable and stable construction. Because of that, they are perfect for schools and institutions.

Due to the attractive price, the option of buying a new upright Hardman piano or grand piano is worth considering if you’re considering an older, used Japanese instrument at a similar price.

Models of Hardman Upright and Grand Pianos

Over the years, Hardman’s craftsmen have been building a variety of upright pianos, grand pianos and self-playing pianos. Older instruments can be found on the Internet in copies of the catalogues of the time. Below we present currently produced and available models:

Hardman Upright Pianos in the sizes 44" to 52"

R110S/C – 44” Concert Console
R115LS/GC – 45” Decorator Studio / Classic Studio
R116 – 46” Classroom Studio
R117XK – 46” Chippendale Studio
R120LS – 48” Professional Upright
R123C – 49”
R132HA – 52” Concert Pro

Hardman Grand Pianos in the sizes 4’8" to 6’1"

R143S/F – 4’8” Petite
R146C – 4’10”
R150S – 5’0” Crescendo
R158S – 5’3” Minuet
R165C – 5’5” Concerto
R185S – 6’1” Artisan

Prices of Hardman Upright and Grand Pianos

A new Hardman upright piano, depending on the size, can cost from $4,000 to $6,000.
A new Hardman grand piano can cost from $9,000 to $13,000.
This is a very general price range. These amounts may vary, so we encourage you to check the prices on dedicated websites or from the manufacturer.

We will be happy to help you find the right offer that will meet your expectations.
Start by checking ads in the Klaviano search engine and if you need further guidance, contact a Klaviano assistant.

Serial Numbers:

1850 – 2800
1855 – 5900
1860 – 9800
1865 – 13000
1870 – 17400
1875 – 21500
1880 – 26000
1885 – 31000
1890 – 37000
1895 – 42000
1900 – 48000
1905 – 58000
1910 – 68100
1915 – 77200
1920 – 86000
1925 – 91500
1930 – 94200
1935 – 95200
1940 – 97000
1946 – 100300
1950 – 104700
1955 – 109000
1960 – 121100
1965 – 132000
1970 – 140000
1975 – 147600
1980 – 151100

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