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Steinwqay&sons K 132
New offer
Year: 1965 Height: 132 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Oberthulba
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Steinway & Sons, V-125
Year: 1979 Height: 125 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Osnabrück
Professional seller/ Verified seller

Is it worth buying a Steinway piano?

Are you thinking about buying a Steinway piano but you’re not sure what to pay special attention to in order to make the right choice? But you also want to play this instrument with joy for many years? Here are some useful tips in order to help you make the right decision.

New or used, original state or after renovation?

Currently on the piano market you can find many new and used pianos in various conditions: Steinways in their original condition, well-preserved pianos that have several decades with their original parts of the mechanism with slight traces of use on the outer casing of the instrument. It is worth remembering that these instruments are made from over 80% wood. During your search, you can also find Steinway grand pianos after complete renovation, looking impeccable when it comes to the aesthetic value of the instrument, but the year of production resulting from the serial number of the instrument will testify to the longer existence and use of the Steinway, sometimes also its history.

The Steinway brand has an incredible reputation all over the world among connoisseurs of piano playing, which justifies the purity and beauty of the instrument’s tone, it can sound lyrical and completely fill a concert hall while accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Certainly, choosing the right piano makes it easier to go to the piano salon that offers new and used Steinways. For people more focused on buying a wonderful quality Steinway, it is also possible to buy directly from one of the factories located in German Hamburg, or in America, and more specifically New York, where we will have the opportunity to play on several models of this brand, because not every Steinway piano presents identical qualities for a pianist. Whether you are a beginner pianist or a concert pianist also matters when choosing an instrument. When deciding to buy a upright piano, it is also worth paying attention to the material from which the Steinway keyboard was made from, whether it is plexiglass or ivory overlays.

Steinway upright piano for the apartment, house or concert hall?

One thing you can be sure of, if you decide to choose a Steinway and Sons grand piano, regardless of the size of the instrument, is certainty about the manufacturer’s care about the durability of the material and the design of the instrument, which stands out from other manufacturers on the global market. This is probably why around 90% of the world’s concert artists decide to buy Steinway pianos, the factory’s global reputation and tradition since 1880 guarantees the highest quality and standards of the instrument. If we live in a small apartment that does not give the opportunity to put a piano there, and we still want the flap next to the keyboard with the inscription Steinway and Sons, we recommend paying attention to two models of pianos, which the factory also has on offer and there are a lot of them on the secondary market in a well maintained condition, i.e. the K and V models. Their sizes will definitely allow you to enjoy Steinway quality at home.

Steinway Model K

The Model K, is one of the largest and most highly regarded upright pianos produced by Steinway. This model has a height of approximately 52" (132 cm), which allows it to achieve a deeper and richer sound, similar to a baby grand piano. It has been designed to offer maximum sound quality in a relatively compact form. The Model K is prized for its powerful bass and rich, full tones that are rarely found in other pianos.

Steinway Model V

The Model V, although slightly smaller than the Model K, is also an exceptional choice among pianos. It has a height of around 49" (125 cm), which still allows for excellent resonance and a deep, satisfying tone. 

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