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Yamaha Piano - The Perfect Choice for Beginner Musicians

When looking for a piano for a child who wants to try their hand at learning to play this wonderful instrument, parents often turn their attention to the Yamaha brand. Many parents opt for pianos and grand pianos from this renowned Japanese brand, as they are popular in music schools and easily available both as new and used instruments... Read more about Yamaha

Is it worth buying a Steinway piano?

Are you thinking about buying a Steinway piano but you’re not sure what to pay special attention to in order to make the right choice? But you also want to play this instrument with joy for many years? Here are some useful tips in order to help you make the right... Read more about Steinway & Sons

Kawai - Japanese Quality Upright Pianos

When searching for a piano, the choice of new and used instruments on the market is quite extensive. Brands of pianos built in Europe, as well as in North America, have an excellent reputation. However, it is worth paying attention to a manufacturer like Kawai, a factory founded almost 100 years ago. As a massive Japanese piano manufacturer with a highly... Read more about Kawai

C. Bechstein - Upright Pianos from the Berlin Factory

If you’re considering buying a German C. Bechstein piano, it’s worth knowing what makes them such exceptional instruments. What should you pay attention to when visiting a store offering C. Bechstein instruments? We recommend visiting authorized dealers of this brand, who have excellent technical knowledge of these instruments. They... Read more about C. Bechstein

Grand Pianos by Schimmel - Excellence and Sound Quality

A family-owned company, producing grand pianos for four generations with great love and passion, creates excellent musical instruments. High-quality materials such as Merino sheep wool and carefully selected wood from over 300-year-old mountain spruces, used in the production of the soundboard, form the foundation of each grand piano. A special... Read more about Schimmel

Petrof - European Excellence in the World of Grand Pianos

Although the European market for grand and upright pianos may often be associated with countries like Germany and Italy, one of the leading piano manufacturers is located further to the east. We’re talking about the magnificent Petrof instruments, which have been crafted for over 150 years in the Czech Republic.

History of the... Read more about Petrof

American Baldwin Upright Pianos

When looking for pianos, especially in the United States, you may come across instruments from the Baldwin brand. To help you determine if they are pianos worth considering, we’ll provide some facts about their history, quality, and models.

The Baldwin brand was initiated by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, an American violin and organ teacher, who ran his music... Read more about Baldwin

Grotrian Steinweg Upright Pianos: Elegance and Unique Sound

Grotrian Steinweg is a renowned brand of upright pianos and grand pianos with a long-standing tradition. Its origins date back to the 19th century when Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg established his first workshop in Germany. He later moved to the United States, where he changed his name to Steinway. His son, Friedrich Grotrian, continued the... Read more about Grotrian Steinweg

Is it worth buying a Sauter piano?

Sauter is an incredibly well-known, exclusive, and unique piano brand. All of Sauter’s instruments are handmade - it is not mass-produced, which is common in the piano market today. Any pianist looking for the perfect instrument should consider this brand due to the perfection that fills every inch of their pianos.

Reviews of Sauter pianos are dazzling.... Read more about Sauter

W.Hoffmann Upright Pianos: Tradition of German Sound Excellence

W.Hoffmann upright pianos, named after the founder Wilhelmine Sophie Friederike Hoffmann, represent a long-standing tradition of German piano craftsmanship. The brand was established in Berlin in 1904, during the golden age of classical music and piano artistry. Since then, W.Hoffmann pianos have gained recognition and trust both in... Read more about W. Hoffmann

Do you want to buy a used upright piano?

While looking for a piano for yourself, your child or students you will come across many used pianos for sale, various offers more or less attractive to you as a buyer. New instruments are flawless, so we’ve decided to advise you on what to look out for to have a very cool piano at home used in good condition. A piano is a complex instrument in terms of construction and you don’t need to know it exactly, so we will advise you on which elements to pay attention to, so that the seller takes you seriously as a seeker, so that you feel confident when choosing and buying.

Used upright piano - what’s worth paying attention to in the casing?

The casing is the most external element of the upright piano. It is what makes you see visually whether the instrument is taken care of or not. If the offered piano for sale has heavily damaged casing elements, e.g. damaged lacquer or decal veneer, has scratched or damaged lacquer on the sides of the piano casing, a worn out strip at the piano pedals or the pedals themselves look worn out - we recommend to pay attention to this. When choosing the piano, we also recommend that you look carefully at the piano accessories, i.e. the condition of the previously mentioned pedals, lock and hinges, as well as the condition of the upper and lower piano doors. Surely everyone wants to have a beautifully presented piano at home, even if it is in used condition, but not yet requiring a complicated renovation. If a dealer who offers an upright piano with the damage to the above mentioned elements but tries to convince you that the instrument has been restored, you will easily expose them.

Used upright piano - what should you know about its acoustics?

Another very important section in used pianos is the so-called acoustics. The acoustics are hidden inside the piano, i.e. in order to reach it, the salesman must show the inside of the instrument, we do not recommend to do it yourself if you have no experience in dismantling the piano. Here it is good to pay attention to a part of the piano acoustics called the tunic, it can be cracked and this will affect the quality of playing and sound in the used piano. Also, the so-called bottom of the piano may be cracked, and the bridge overlays on which the pins and strings are mounted are worth seeing. If you see rust on the strings and pins to which the strings are attached, it also does not bode well for the best condition of the used piano. The last acoustic element we recommend to look at is the surface of the paint on the piano’s frame, whether it is without any damage or whether the paint on its surface has cavities. Surely a careful eye of the buyer will find a taken care of piano for sale thanks to these tips.

Used upright piano - what should you know about the mechanism and keyboard of the instrument?

The last important issue for an upright piano seeker, is the examination of the condition of the piano keyboard, i.e. the black keys and the white keys. The condition of the plastic material used to make e.g. plexiglass or ivory overlays of white keys is important - you can notice it through careful observation. As for the mechanism of the piano, before buying, it is worth checking the condition of the so called hammers and their handles and the felt of the silencers, whether there is any dirt, e.g. mold, on them. The mechanism of the piano is also not visible at first glance to the buyer, but if it is neglected, it may not be a pleasant surprise for the buyer after bringing the used piano home, unpacking it after transport and looking inside the piano.

With these simple tips, as a buyer, you can easily feel more confident when visiting a piano store as well as a private seller and assess whether the previous owner took care of the piano. If you want to avoid the additional costs associated with additional repairs after purchasing a piano, we recommend that you prepare yourself for such a purchase, it will help you to really assess whether the offer is attractive and the piano is worthy of attention and price, and ultimately a professional and reliable and trustworthy seller.

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