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Steinwqay&sons K 132
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Year: 1965 Height: 132 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Oberthulba
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Have you ever wondered if you can get the sound of a grand piano in the vertical piano?

How to solve a dilemma when you need a piano but do not necessarily have room for it?

Have you heard a term like "vertical grand piano"?

One of Steinway & Sons’ leading instrument manufactures has seen the need to create a small instrument like an upright piano that sounds like a grand piano for over 100 years. In response to these expectations, they began producing an exceptional piano in 1903.

Steinway K52 - vertical grand piano

This outstanding instrument is the Steinway K - later it was named K52, due to its size (52 inches). How did the Steinway & Sons workshop achieve this effect? It is primarily about the size of the soundboard.

This model is also called "vertegrand" because of its massive soundboard (comparable to the one in the Steinway A grand piano - 188cm, 6"). Steinway NYC has introduced a narrow line of professional pianos, including models I, R, V and K. The last one can successfully replace the grand piano and find application mainly in smaller rooms. It is willingly used for practice in halls of music academies, but also in restaurants, cafés and homes. The Steinway K-52 sound is very clear and deep, long strings sound great in both lower and upper registers, the action system is very responsive. The Steinway manufacture prides itself on using the same manual construction techniques from the beginning.

Steinway NYC vs Hamburg

At the moment such instruments after renovation are not easily available, they are very valuable and we won’t find them in every shop. They are highly valued by pianists and experts in the piano industry. This is also due to the fact that Steinway K was produced until around 1930 in America at the Steinway NYC factory (due to the Great Depression) and until the 1940s in Hamburg, when production stopped because of the war and the conversion of the German factory into an armaments factory. Fortunately, production was resumed after more than 40 years in 1982 and continues today.

This is also the moment when the name was refined to K52 (USA) and K132 (Hamburg).

Of course, the names are related to the unit of measurement specific to these countries. At present, the prices of instruments that are being renewed often exceed the price of a new Steinway piano - Crown Jewel pianos of that time are particularly unique. Interestingly, the design of this instrument has not been changed, although there was no access to the burnt documentation from the construction of the Steinway K52 from the early 20th century. In order to keep the structure unchanged, the older model was dismantled and used as a model for the construction of the resumed collection. There were only minor technical innovations. At this point, this is the only piano produced by the Steinway NYC and Hamburg factories. On the Klaviano portal there are various interesting offers of older, restored "vertegrands" and newer Steinway K52 pianos for sale. Both American, European and British sellers have exceptional instruments available from time to time. There is no shortage of people willing to buy this unique piano! Our search engine allows you to find an instrument in a nearby location or buy a piano from another continent.

In the ranking of an upright piano vs. baby grand piano, it is certainly an option worth considering. Professionals say that there is no big difference between playing the Steinway K52 and playing the grand piano. Isn’t it hard to believe that? It’s like having a compact grand piano. An upright piano gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself at home for concert performances. No wonder that this upright piano model is highly searched for. More specific information about the construction, dimensions and available versions of the Steinway K-52 piano can be found on the official Steinway & Sons factory website.


  • height: 132 cm / 52 in,
  • width: 154 cm / 60.6 in
  • depth: 67 cm / 26.4 in
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