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Yamaha Grand Piano - Elegance and Excellence for Demanding Musicians

If you dream of purchasing a grand piano that combines excellent sound quality with elegant design, the Yamaha brand can be your perfect choice. The range of grand pianos offered by this Japanese company is rich and diverse, allowing every musician to find the right model, whether new or used.

One of the most sought-after... Read more about Yamaha

Is it worth investing in a Steinway grand piano?

If you are considering the purchase of this prestigious piano, there are several key aspects that will help you make an informed choice, enabling you to enjoy playing this exceptional instrument for many years to come. Here are some tips that may make your decision... Read more about Steinway & Sons

Kawai - Trust Japanese Quality Grand Pianos

While searching for the perfect grand piano, you can find a wide selection of new and used instruments in the market. In addition to renowned European and American brands, it's worth paying attention to the Japanese piano manufacturer - Kawai. Founded nearly 100 years ago, this company has gained tremendous recognition as a producer of high-quality pianos and... Read more about Kawai

Is Bösendorfer the best brand of grand pianos?

The factory producing pianos and grand pianos - Bösendorfer is certainly one of the reasons for pride among piano builders in Austria. This brand enjoys a great reputation in the country where it was initiated by the Austrian musician Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828. The factory of these valuable grand pianos is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria.... Read more about Bosendorfer

Blüthner is a German brand producing top quality upright and grand pianos in Leipzig. Although the company was nationalised in 1972, it remained under the management of the Blüthner family and was the largest piano company in Europe. Unfortunately, the production facility was bombed during the Second World War. After the war, the East German government allowed the Blüthner family to... Read more about Bluthner

Carla Bechstein Grand Pianos from the Berlin Factory

C. Bechstein pianos are synonymous with elegance, sound excellence, and the tradition of masterful craftsmanship. The history of this German brand dates back to the 19th century when its founder, Carl Bechstein, opened his... Read more about C. Bechstein

Grand Pianos by Schimmel - Excellence and Sound Quality

A family-owned company, producing grand pianos for four generations with great love and passion, creates excellent musical instruments. High-quality materials such as Merino sheep wool and carefully selected wood from over 300-year-old mountain spruces, used in the production of the soundboard, form the foundation of each grand piano. A special... Read more about Schimmel

Petrof - Czech Excellence in the World of Grand Pianos

Although the grand piano market in Europe is often associated with Germany and Italy, one of the most esteemed piano manufacturers is located slightly to the east of this region. We are, of course, talking about the renowned Petrof pianos, which have been crafted in the Czech Republic for over 150 years.

The history of the Petrof brand began... Read more about Petrof

Baldwin Grand Pianos - American Quality and History

In the United States, when looking for a perfect grand piano, it's worth paying attention to Baldwin instruments. We present several fascinating facts about the history, quality, and various models of grand pianos from this renowned company.

The Baldwin brand was founded by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, an American teacher of violin and organ, who... Read more about Baldwin

Keyboard instruments such as upright and grand pianos have been produced worldwide for about 300 years. Initially they were completely unique instruments, used only by recognized musicians. Generally we can assume that pianos have been available for 150-200 years.

Nowadays we have many brands of these instruments, but they are often not produced in the country where they were originally made. This is... Read more about Mason & Hamlin


Do you want to buy a used grand piano?

When looking for a piano for sale, there are several aspects to consider before making a purchase. As with upright pianos, grand pianos on the market are available in a new or used condition. New instruments are most often covered with a few years’ warranty, which confirms their impeccable technical condition. It happens that sellers also offer a guarantee for used instruments, then it is also worthwhile to take a look at the offers. Surely private sellers do not offer such a guarantee. If you are considering buying a used grand piano, you will find many offers from various manufacturers, available in many shops and offered by private advertisers. If you have already decided on a particular brand, we recommend that you take a careful look at the piano in various ways before making a purchase, as well as asking the seller about the construction elements mentioned below. Surely, thanks to the knowledge of at least the elementary parts of the piano, the seller will take you seriously, and you will be able to judge more easily whether the piano is worth its price and whether a particular offer is worthy of attention or whether you need to look for your dream instrument somewhere else.

Grand piano for sale - what do you need to pay attention to in the instrument case?

The casing of an instrument such as a piano is usually a large surface covered with high gloss polyester varnish, or a veneer imitating some kind of wood, e.g. walnut or mahogany, also covered with varnish, or a polished surface. If you want to have a piano at home that looks impeccable visually, we recommend that you look at the state of the lids to see if their surface is not scratched or varnished, similarly to the piano legs, which will probably be finished with the same material. The lids of the piano are an integral part of the piano together with its body, the lacquer of which should also not be visually damaged if the instrument is described as "after renovation". but if used and in its original condition it may have slight scratches on the body as traces of use. It is also worth paying attention to the so-called accessories of the used piano - hinges, pedals and lock - they should not be rusty or have patina. The last noteworthy element of the piano’s casing is the lyre box in which the pedals of the piano are fixed, whether it is damaged or not. If the above mentioned elements of the housing of a used piano are without any major reproaches, the piano will look beautiful in your home or apartment.

Used grand piano for sale - what should you pay attention to in the instrument acoustics?

Acoustic elements of the piano structure are very important for the pianist in terms of its sound qualities. Compared to the upright piano, in a used grand piano, they are very easily available to the eye of the discerning buyer, if only we know what we are looking for. The first element is the piano tunic, which should not be cracked, in which the pins are fixed, and to which in turn the piano strings are fixed, which are, as we know, very important elements of the piano. In a used grand piano, the pins should not get rusty or have patina, and the strings should not get rusty either. Very important in a grand piano is the resonance bottom, which should not have any scratches or cracks, which will definitely affect the sound of the instrument. Another perfectly visible element of the grand piano is a cast iron frame, whose paint, usually golden, should not be damaged either.

A second-hand grand piano for sale - what should be noted in the mechanism of the instrument?

The mechanism and keyboard of the piano are also very important, it is with the keyboard that the pianist’s hands have direct contact with, so it would be worthwhile for the keys not to be yellowed or visually damaged. What is also important is the condition of the hammers and their handles, which when hitting the strings give the sound of the instrument. Their felt should not be destroyed or worn if the piano is to serve us properly. Similarly, felts of silencers should not be worn out if they are to serve their function properly. If you lean over the interior of the piano, you can easily make a self-assessment, or ask your dealer to show you the elements that interest you.

To sum up, we always recommend that you prepare yourself to buy a piano, because it is not once a big investment for the family of a student, or a student who sees a piano career ahead of him. It is known that professional sellers have much more knowledge than we do, but thanks to your knowledge of the basics, they will take you seriously as a buyer, and we will avoid the unpleasant surprise of additional repair costs if we buy an instrument blindly, without getting familiar with it. Good luck during the search! :)

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