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Feurich Grand Pianos - Tradition, Innovation, and Sound Excellence

If you're considering purchasing a grand piano, the Feurich brand is one of the manufacturers worthy of your attention. With a rich history dating back to 1851, Feurich has gained recognition from pianists worldwide for its impeccable craftsmanship and technical innovations. Contemporary models of Feurich grand pianos are characterized by modern design, compactness, and above all, warm, deep sound that will captivate even the most demanding musicians.

The History of the Feurich Brand

The history of the Feurich brand began in 1851 when Julius Gustav Feurich founded his piano manufacturing company in Leipzig. It was a pioneering moment in piano history, as Julius Gustav Feurich was the first manufacturer to use an under-damper mechanism in upright pianos. His technical innovations quickly gained recognition, and Feurich became one of the leading German grand piano manufacturers.

After the Second World War, the Feurich brand faced many challenges. Relocating the company to West Germany and then to Gunzenhausen was a significant undertaking. However, the team of skilled craftsmen and engineers did not give up. With determination and passion, they continued to produce grand pianos and upright pianos, paying attention to every minute detail, which contributed to Feurich's international recognition.

Tradition and Innovation

Feurich is a brand that has always combined tradition with modernity. In 2016, Feurich grand pianos first bore the label "Made in Austria," emphasizing their high quality and artisanal tradition. Currently, instruments of this brand are manufactured both in Ningbo, China, and Vienna, ensuring a blend of tradition and modern technical solutions.

Purchasing a Feurich Grand Piano

The prices of Feurich grand pianos may vary depending on the model and features, but the value of these instruments ranges from 15,000$ to 40,000$ for a new grand piano, and for a used one, prices can range from 10,000$ to 40,000$. It's worth noting that upright pianos are slightly cheaper, with prices ranging from 2,500 to 17,500$.

Most Popular Models of Feurich Grand Pianos

Feurich offers many models of grand pianos, including:

  • Feurich 218 - Concert 1 Grand Piano A professional grand piano with a unique construction, made of the highest quality wood, resulting in an incredibly warm and pleasant sound. This grand piano performs excellently in recording studios and concerts and is also available with a harmonic pedal, adding extra sound depth.
  • Feurich 195 Grand Piano This model is a classic grand piano that combines traditional values with modern solutions. Feurich 195 is an instrument with elegant design and excellent sound. Its musicality and precise mechanism allow for the effortless performance of a wide range of musical repertoire. It is an ideal choice for both professional pianists and beginners looking for a high-quality instrument.
  • Feurich 162 - Dynamic I Grand Piano A grand piano with a powerful and expressive sound. Feurich 162 - Dynamic I performs exceptionally well in recording studios and concerts. Its distinctive sound allows for the free expression of emotions and musical creativity. It is an excellent choice for pianists who value an instrument with great interpretative possibilities and a wide dynamic range.
  • Feurich 179 - Dynamic II Grand Piano Another version of the Feurich 179 grand piano, characterized by a powerful sound and excellent interpretive capabilities. Feurich 179 - Dynamic II is the perfect choice for both professional pianists and music enthusiasts who appreciate excellent sound and the ability to express emotions through playing the piano.
  • Feurich 161 - Professional I Grand Piano This model is an advanced grand piano that meets the expectations of professional pianists. Feurich 161 - Professional I is characterized by precise mechanisms, allowing for complete freedom in interpreting music. Its sound is rich, deep, and expressive, enabling the expression of a wide range of emotions in the performance. It is an ideal choice for pianists with high demands, seeking an exceptional instrument for professional work and concerts.
  • Feurich 178 - Professional II Grand Piano An advanced grand piano that stands out not only for its excellent sound but also for its aesthetic design. Feurich 178 - Professional II is a combination of tradition and modernity, making it not only an excellent musical tool but also a beautiful interior element. Its sound is rich, warm, and precise, attracting pianists from various musical backgrounds.

In conclusion, Feurich is a grand piano brand with a long tradition, and its instruments combine perfect craftsmanship, innovative technical solutions, and deep sound. If you're looking for a high-quality grand piano, the Feurich brand will undoubtedly meet your expectations and provide unforgettable musical experiences.

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