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Used, Feurich, F118
Year: 1987 Height: 118 cm
Country: United KingdomCity: Ringwood
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Feurich piano, model 110
Height: 110 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Swisttal
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The FEURICH brand is perfection in every inch. Attention to detail and technical innovations have won the hearts of pianists around the world. Modern design, compactness, and a warm sound are features that perfectly describe the instruments from FEURICH. When beginning the search for the perfect instrument, we should pay attention to this brand, as it is famous for its precision, highest quality materials, and care for every, even the smallest, detail.

History of the Feurich Brand

The history of the Feurich brand began in Leipzig in 1851, when Julius Gustav Feurich founded a piano factory for 1 gold mark. He was the first manufacturer to use the under-damper mechanism in pianos. Dynamic development led to the FEURICH company joining the five leading German manufacturers.

After World War II, this well-known brand was severely tested by the all-encompassing crisis. Feurich had to be initially moved to West Germany, and then to its headquarters in Gunzenhausen. A qualified staff took care of every smallest detail, and the pianos and grand pianos of the FEURICH brand were recognized worldwide, thanks to their incredible sound and perfection in every inch. A breakthrough was also the cooperation with HAILUN PIANO CO. LTD in China. Thanks to the combination of these two companies, the Model 122 was created, which was the first piano produced by Hailun in China. Moreover, in 2007, this instrument received the Diapason d’or award in Paris.

Where are Feurich pianos manufactured?

The question of where a brand’s pianos are made is frequent and very important. Many potential buyers want to know the place of construction of their dream piano. In 2016, the phrase “Made in Austria” appeared for the first time on a FEURICH piano. Currently, FEURICH brand pianos are manufactured in Ningbo, China, and in Vienna.

How much does a Feurich upright piano cost?

The price of FEURICH brand pianos ranges from 3,300 € to 14,300 €. This is the value of a new upright piano. A used FEURICH piano can be bought for about 2,200 – 6,600 €.

The most popular Feurich upright piano models

FEURICH is a company where each piano is unique. However, there are several models that enjoy the greatest popularity. Here are a few of them:

Feurich 133 Concert is a piano with a height of 133 cm, width of 152 cm, and depth of 60 cm. This model is designed for advanced pianists, ideal for concert halls and educational institutions, thanks to its exceptional sound quality and keyboard responsiveness. This piano is available in various finishes, such as polished black, polished white, mahogany, and walnut, both in matte and polished versions. It is characterized by a powerful bass and a very clear tone in the upper registers, and the Renner mechanism and high-quality materials used ensure durability and reliability of the instrument.

Model 123 - Vienna wins the hearts of pianists around the world, surprising with wonderful sound and technical innovations. It has dimensions of 123 cm in height, 151 cm in width, and 60 cm in depth. It can be found in finishes such as polished black, polished white, mahogany, and walnut, in matte or polished versions. The Model 123 Vienna offers a warm, rich tone that blends well with a diverse repertoire, and its mechanism, designed by Renner, ensures smoothness and precision of play.

Feurich 122 Universal, with a height of 122 cm, width of 151 cm, and depth of 60 cm, is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate users. It works well in teaching, in home conditions, and in music schools. The 122 Universal piano is valued for its versatility and good quality-to-price ratio, offering a evenly balanced tone and tuning stability thanks to carefully selected materials and a solid construction.

Feurich 115 – Premiere is a compact piano that is a favorite among people living in cities and valuing every inch of free space. It is worth noting that this is an excellent proposal for people living in apartment buildings, because the FEURICH 115 piano has a celeste pedal for quiet play, which will not give reason for concern even with the most sensitive neighbors. The piano is available in black or white, with chrome or brass finish. It is not a large piano. Its length is 146 cm, and its height is 115 cm. Despite its small size, it impresses with its balanced, deep sound.

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