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Petrof - Czech Excellence in the World of Grand Pianos

Although the grand piano market in Europe is often associated with Germany and Italy, one of the most esteemed piano manufacturers is located slightly to the east of this region. We are, of course, talking about the renowned Petrof pianos, which have been crafted in the Czech Republic for over 150 years.

The history of the Petrof brand began in 1864 when its founder, Antonin Petrof, passionately created his first piano. His prior experiences and education in Vienna's manufactories enabled him to establish his own workshop. Initially, piano production took place in Antonin's father's workshop, but it was interrupted for a time due to the Austro-Prussian War. After resuming operations in 1874, the factory was moved to Brno. In a short period, in addition to upright pianos, Petrof grand pianos were also produced. The brand experienced dynamic growth, leading to the establishment of Petrof companies in Hungary and Vienna. After Antonin Petrof's tragic death in 1915, his three sons took over the company's management.

Today, the contemporary Petrof factory in the Czech Republic, with a branch in the United States, is renowned as a producer of the highest quality grand pianos in the world. Awards received by the brand, both in Europe and on other continents, affirm the exceptional quality of these instruments.

European Sound of Petrof Grand Pianos

Not many are aware that when comparing European Petrof grand pianos to American Steinways or Asian Kawais, you will notice entirely different sound characteristics. This arises from the distinct construction of these instruments and the materials used. While pianos from different brands may appear similar from the outside, the true secret lies in their mechanisms and acoustics. European grand pianos are typically characterized by a sound described as "round" and "romantic," although these words do not fully capture the essence of this sound.

It's worth noting that Petrof doesn't only produce instruments under its own brand. The factory also manufactures pianos for other brands, such as Rösler, Scholze, Weinbach, Fibich, and Akord. Petrof grand piano models are known for their beautiful appearance, unique sound, and excellent intonation.

Popular Petrof Grand Piano Models

  • P284 Mistral (284 cm): This concert grand piano model impresses with its powerful sound and deep tonality, making it an excellent choice for professional pianists and classical music enthusiasts.
  • P237 Monsoon (237 cm): A semi-concert grand piano characterized by elegance and a rich tonal palette. Suitable for both advanced pianists and beginners.
  • P210 Pasat (210 cm): This grand piano model combines elegance with excellent sound. Ideal for use in home salons and small concerts.
  • P194 Storm (194 cm): A grand piano with balanced sound and exceptional intonation precision. Suitable for solo performances as well as ensemble playing.
  • P173 Breeze (173 cm): This compact grand piano is characterized by a subtle and delicate sound, perfect for intimate concerts and performances.
  • P159 Bora (159 cm): A compact grand piano with impressive sound and unique design. An excellent choice for those seeking a small piano for private music studios.

For enthusiasts of these remarkable instruments, there is an opportunity to visit the Petrof museum, where the secrets of production and the brand's history are unveiled. Experiencing the beautiful sound of Petrof grand pianos in person is an unforgettable experience appreciated by all music and art enthusiasts.

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