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Seiler, one of the most respected and oldest piano brands, was founded in Europe and began its operations in 1849 in Liegnitz (now Legnica), then part of German Prussia. The founder, Edward Seiler, established the Pianoforte-Fabrik company, which quickly became a leading piano manufacturer in Eastern Europe, despite not always favorable political conditions. The company's development was steady, and the distribution of Seiler pianos gradually expanded.

In 1875, the company's management was taken over by Edward's son, Johannes Seiler, and later his son, Edward's grandson - Anton Seiler, in 1923. After the end of World War II, when Legnica became part of Poland, the Seiler factory was nationalized, and the Seiler family had to leave the country. The reactivation of piano production by Steffan Seiler, Edward's great-grandson, took place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, after the war. However, the operation in Denmark was short-lived and lasted from about 1951 to 1962, when the company's headquarters were moved to Kitzingen in Germany, where the main office is currently located. Nevertheless, currently, most of the piano production takes place outside of Germany. In 2008, Seiler was acquired by Samick, one of the leading musical instrument manufacturing companies in the world, resulting in most of the production moving to Indonesia.

This is a brief overview of the 170-year history of the Seiler brand. If you are interested in more details and the course of events over the years – check here.

Most Popular Seiler Grand Piano Models

The 168 Virtuoso model is a unique grand piano, perfect for advanced pianists who need a high-quality instrument but have limited space. Its length is 168 cm, making it a relatively small grand piano, however, thanks to advanced acoustics and precise mechanics, Virtuoso offers a playing experience comparable to larger models. The 180 Maestro grand piano is slightly larger than the Virtuoso model, measuring 180 cm in length. This model is known for its exceptional combination of power and subtlety in sound, making it a versatile instrument for pianists at every level of advancement. It is an excellent choice for advanced students, professional musicians, as well as for concert halls and educational institutions. The 242 Konzert model is Seiler's flagship concert grand piano, measuring an impressive 242 cm in length. Its impressive size and refined mechanics allow for deep resonance and a wide range of tonal possibilities. Konzert is the choice of professional pianists and is often seen in prestigious concert halls around the world.

Eduard and Johannes Seiler

With the brand's development, there was a need to produce pianos available at different prices – to not be merely a "luxury good". In this way, 2 more piano brands were distinguished with the Seiler surname in the name: Eduard Seiler and Johannes Seiler.

In summary, Seiler pianos are currently produced in two locations:

  • Ed. Seiler Pianofortefabrik, Kitzingen, Germany
  • Samick Musical Instrument (SMC) Mfg. Co. Ltd., Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Pianos produced until 2007 certainly come from Europe, and the vast majority were manufactured in Germany.

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