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Year: 1849 Length: 39 cm
Country: PolandCity: Tarnów
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Eduard Seiler Pianos - Seiler Response to Market Needs

Eduard Seiler, also known as Ed. Seiler, is a piano brand that stands out for its mid-range quality and is manufactured in Indonesia according to German standards and norms. These pianos made their market debut in 2011 to meet the demand for instruments across various price ranges. They are characterized by a combination of German craftsmanship precision and high quality with affordable prices.

Selected Models of Eduard Seiler Pianos

The ED-168 model, a piano 168 cm in length, is perfect for those looking for an instrument with a rich, full sound but have limited space. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for home use, while still offering the sound quality and refinement that will satisfy even the most demanding pianists. The ED-186 model, 186 cm in length, is a unique instrument perfectly suited for medium-sized concert halls and homes. This model is valued for its balanced sound and excellent responsiveness. It is an excellent choice for advanced students, teachers, and also professional musicians. The largest in the series, the ED-208 model at 208 cm in length, is a true Seiler masterpiece, ideal for large concert halls and professional stages. This impressive concert grand piano stands out for its powerful, rich sound that fully fills the space. Its extended soundboard and carefully selected materials provide unparalleled depth of tone and vibration, key for concert performances. The ED-208 is the choice for those seeking the highest quality sound and reliability in every aspect of play.

SMR and Lead-Free Keyboard

In the field of innovation, in 2018 Seiler introduced the groundbreaking SMR (Super Magnetic Repetition Action) technology. This technology uses two magnetic forces that repel each other in the traditional piano mechanism, allowing for a faster return of the jack under the hammer and enabling quicker repetition of sound. This is significant for pianists looking for an instrument with high responsiveness and precision in controlling the pressure on the keys. Furthermore, SMR technology does not require maintenance, which is a significant advantage for long-term use.

Seiler also revolutionized keyboard design by introducing a patented lead-free keyboard. It replaced traditional lead key weights with high-density synthetic material. This innovative method of balancing keys involves the appropriate distribution of weight in the plastic, ensuring the perfect balance and weight of each key. The transition to a lead-free keyboard has important benefits for the environment and health, eliminating the risk associated with toxic lead and preventing problems related to key structure weakening. This eco-friendly alternative contributes to the durability and reliability of the instrument, while also protecting the health of users.

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