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Used, Rippen, 160
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Year: 1961
Country: NetherlandsCity: Laren
Private seller
Used, Rippen, 185
Year: 1968 Length: 185 cm
Country: NetherlandsCity: Mierlo
Professional seller/ Verified seller

About Rippen

The Rippen company, headquartered in the Netherlands, became renowned as a manufacturer of grand pianos. Its origins trace back to the moment when it started creating exceptional keyboard instruments. Known for innovation in designing and producing grand pianos, Rippen quickly gained recognition in the industry. The production of new grand pianos by the factory in the Netherlands ceased in 1992. In 2022, the Dutch company BOL undertook the revival of the brand and resumed the production of Rippen upright pianos. Characteristic of Rippen grand pianos is their exceptional quality and original design.

One-of-a-kind - The Aluminum Grand Piano

Rippen gained worldwide fame by manufacturing a unique aluminum grand piano. This piano stood out not only for its futuristic design but also for its technical innovation. In contrast to traditional grand pianos, where the frame is usually made of cast iron and the casing of wood, in this model, both the casing and frame were crafted from a single piece of aluminum, marking a breakthrough in piano construction.

Rippen grand pianos, due to their unique appearance, technical innovations, and rich history, attract interest among collectors and music enthusiasts. Pianos bearing the Rippen logo stand out not only as excellent musical instruments but also as exclusive interior design elements. Our range includes various models of Rippen grand pianos that cater to the needs of both professionals and amateurs who appreciate a unique style and exceptional sound quality.

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