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Used, Wilh. Steinberg, IQ 99
Year: 2004 Length: 192 cm
Country: NetherlandsCity: Amsterdam
Professional seller/ Verified seller

Wilh. Steinberg Exceptional Grand Pianos with Tradition

The Wilh. Steinberg brand is known to piano enthusiasts worldwide for its long and esteemed history. The company was founded in 1877 in Dresden, Germany, by Wilhelm Steinberg, who was driven by passion and commitment to crafting exceptional musical instruments. Over the years, the company has gained recognition for its precision, meticulous craftsmanship, and the exquisite sound of its grand pianos.

Today, the Wilh. Steinberg brand continues its tradition of producing the highest-quality grand pianos. Despite the passage of time, it strives to merge modern technologies with traditional craftsmanship to deliver instruments that meet the expectations of contemporary musicians. Wilh. Steinberg grand pianos are still manufactured in Germany, in the Dresden factory, carrying on the long tradition of producing top-quality grand pianos there. It is a place where experienced artisans work to preserve the perfect sound and precise intonation that distinguish pianos of this brand.

Why Choose a Wilh. Steinberg Grand Piano?

The Wilh. Steinberg brand boasts a century-old history, attesting to its reliability and reputation. Its grand pianos have been chosen by many renowned pianists over the years. This brand combines traditional production methods with modern technologies, achieving a perfect balance between heritage and innovation. Wilh. Steinberg grand pianos stand out for their excellent sound, which is the result of careful material selection and precise construction. These are instruments capable of expressing the richness of musical emotions. The brand offers a wide range of models, allowing musicians to choose a grand piano that suits their individual needs and preferences.

Which Wilh. Steinberg Grand Piano to Choose?

The Wilh. Steinberg brand, known for its enduring heritage in grand piano production, offers, among others, the Performance Line Piano series, which focuses on exceptional sound and precision. The compact P-152 grand piano is perfect for smaller spaces while preserving exceptional sound and playing experience. The P-165 model offers an even richer and deeper sound, making it a choice for pianists seeking exceptional sound. Meanwhile, the salon grand piano P-178 is the flagship model of the Performance Line, ensuring the highest quality and precision in craftsmanship.

Wilh. Steinberg also caters to enthusiasts of exceptional and luxurious grand pianos with its Signature Line Pianos series. Models in this series are instruments for discerning music lovers. The S-188 model combines excellent sound quality with exquisite craftsmanship, creating unforgettable musical experiences. Its distinctive bass has an exceptionally resonant and full tone. On the other hand, S-212 is a true gem in the world of grand pianos, known for its unique construction and distinctive sound, making it one of the most prestigious choices for professionals and music enthusiasts worldwide. Regardless of your choice, Wilh. Steinberg grand pianos in both the Performance Line and Signature Line deliver excellent musical experiences and meet the highest expectations of pianists.

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