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Used, Howard, C171
Year: 2001 Length: 171 cm
Country: United StatesCity: Lilburn
Professional seller

History and Characteristics of Howard Grand Pianos

The Howard brand is synonymous with durability and solidity in the world of pianos and grand pianos, offering instruments of various sizes and styles. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio under the auspices of Baldwin, the Howard brand began its production in 1895. Over the years, Howard pianos and grand pianos were mainly manufactured in the United States until the 1960s. In subsequent decades, production was moved to Japan (the Kawai factory), and later to Korea (the Samick manufacturer), which influenced the global reach of the brand. Currently, all production takes place in China, under the supervision of Baldwin, while maintaining traditional methods and quality standards.

Why Choose Howard?

Howard pianos and grand pianos are valued for their reliability and affordability. These instruments, being part of Baldwin's second line, are an excellent choice for students, music teachers, and amateurs looking for high quality at a reasonable price. They are used both in the comfort of home and in educational music institutions. They are characterized by a durable construction, including double veneer, which provides additional durability and stability.

Howard Grand Pianos:

  • Howard (4’8” – 142 cm): A small grand piano that offers excellent sound and elegant finish, ideal for intimate concert halls.
  • Howard Style 491, 496 (5’ – 152 cm): A small grand piano that is the preferred choice for professionals looking for rich tone in a smaller size.
  • Howard (5’6” – 168 cm): A larger model that provides fuller and more resonant sound, excellent for diverse musical repertoires.

Hamilton Organs:

  • Hamilton 21 / 26 (81.5” – 207 cm): Large organs that deliver deep and full sound across a wide tonal range.
  • Hamilton 22 (50” – 127 cm) and Hamilton 29 (52.5” – 133 cm): Offer unique combinations of voices and styles, ideal for liturgical and home use.

Value and Sale

To find out how much your Howard piano or grand piano is worth, visit our Klaviano search engine. This tool allows for quick valuation and is an excellent platform for listing your instrument for sale.

Dating Your Instrument

The serial number you find inside your Howard piano or grand piano (e.g., on the frame) is key to determining the year of manufacture. For instruments manufactured by Kawai, Samick, and those from later years, the numbering may differ. Therefore, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly to obtain accurate information.

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