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One of Asia’s largest piano factories is the Pearl River Piano Group, based in Guangzhou, China. Since 1956, this is where instruments have been produced, sold in Asia and exported to many other countries.

The beginnings of this extremely influential company today, as in most such stories, were inconspicuous. The Pearl River Piano Group was established as a result of a meeting of several owners of small shops selling reed organs. They were not piano makers, so it took some time before they gained the necessary knowledge, hired several dozen technicians and created their first piano. The business developed well, but problems a decade later came when Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution took place, which lasted for about 10 years. The company survived by selling small quantities of instruments. After this period, as a result of better economic conditions, the Pearl River regained its autonomy in foreign trade. The production and sales results began to grow very rapidly. The opportunities for investment in new technologies for more efficient production also increased. In Asian factories, a large part of the work is done by machines, resulting in an impressive number of pianos being made in a relatively short time. Of course, without the precise manual work of craftsmen in the subsequent stages of production it would not be possible to obtain durable, quality instruments. Pearl River records a production of nearly 150,000 upright and grand pianos per year! They are made in a giant factory in Guangzhou with an interesting, artistic design.

At the dawn of the 21st century, the director and long-time employee of Pearl River Zhicheng Tong decided to focus on developing and strengthening the brand and adapting the quality of pianos to American and European instruments. For this purpose, he hired many advisors from America and Europe (e.g. Lothar Thomma and Stephen Mohler) to educate his staff and change the construction of Pearl River upright and grand pianos. The last 20 years have brought enormous changes, thanks to which Pearl River is appreciated all over the world, and the instruments are suitable for the tastes of not only Chinese, but also European, British or American recipients.

Pearl River is the only company in China to produce pianos that has received ISO (International Standards Association) quality certificates for instruments and all their components, as well as high production, environmental and customer service standards.

Other brands produced in the Pearl River factory

  • Ritmüller – Performance and Premium line was designed by Lothar Thomma, emphasizing the use of European components, and slower manual work (traditional production). German components are mainly German scale, felt, Roslau strings, Abel/Renner hammers and others.
  • Schimmel – as a result of consultations with numerous German advisers as well as suggestions of Asian economists, Pearl River bought out 90% of shares in the Schimmel factory. The Asian market is mainly produced by the Fridolin Schimmel line.
  • Hallet Davis – the oldest American brand still in production.
  • Essex – a brand created in 2005 by Steinway as a line of basic, "preliminary" instruments fully manufactured in China.
  • Kayserburg - Professional Series Kayserburg Artist from 2013 is produced in a smaller workshop in China under the supervision of European experts. Kayserburg pianos contain top quality German and French components.

Pearl River upright and grand piano models

  • Upright pianos: UP 109, UP 115, EU 110, EU 111, EU 118, EU 122, PE 121, EU 131
  • Grand pianos: GP 142 (4’8’’), GP 150, GP 160, GP 170, GP 188, GP 212, GP 275 (9’)
  • We have a whole range of sizes, from small grand pianos to concert grand pianos.

If you are looking for a Pearl River upright or grand piano for sale, please check out the Klaviano search engine. You can browse through the various offers, find out how much the Pearl River instrument you are looking for is and locate the store closest to you.

Wondering how old your Pearl River piano is? Check its serial number!

  • 1993 – 150000
  • 1994 – 180000
  • 1995 – 220000
  • 1996 – 270000
  • 1997 – 330000

Pearl River does not provide an exact list of serial numbers. You can contact the manufacturer directly to determine the year of manufacture of your instrument.

Are Pearl River upright and grand pianos good instruments?

As you can see from Pearl River’s results, the quality certificates obtained, constant development and ambitious changes - these are certainly upright and grand pianos worthy of your attention.

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