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History and Modernity of Calisia Pianos

Calisia, a brand known for its quality and tradition, is rooted in the Polish city of Kalisz. Founded in 1878 by Arnold Fibiger, the company flourished for over a century, producing pianos and grand pianos that were recognized across Europe until 1939. These instruments were particularly valued for their craftsmanship and durability, winning numerous awards in competitions throughout Poland and Europe. Today, Calisia pianos are fundamental equipment in many Polish music schools, reflecting the brand's long-term commitment to musical education. They are also commonly found in private homes in Poland, appreciated for their rich sound and reliable performance. On the secondary market, such as Klaviano, a variety of Calisia pianos can be found, from meticulously maintained models to more experienced instruments, available at reasonable prices.

Availability and Practical Aspects of Calisia Pianos

For those with limited budgets, especially students or families looking for an affordable but reliable option, Calisia pianos offer a fantastic opportunity. Many prefer the authentic sound and feel of an acoustic Calisia piano over digital alternatives. The Klaviano platform facilitates this choice by offering a feature called save search, which allows users to set criteria from price range to model preferences, and notifies them when a matching instrument becomes available.

Continuation of the Calisia Piano Legacy

Despite the challenges after 1939, including the variable quality of production during the communist era in Poland and the eventual acquisition of the rights to the brand by a Chinese manufacturer in 2007. In the early 1960s, the factory began serial production of pianos, these included the M 165 and the M 280 concert grand. Since 2010, the brand has reintroduced two piano models, the M 165 and M 222, and three piano models. In the same year, a special limited edition of pianos was also designed and produced - CHOPIN 2010 - CALISIA special edition - 200 Anniversary of Chopin. Calisia pianos remain a symbol of the brand's enduring commitment to combining traditional craftsmanship with modern piano production.

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