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Used, Seiler, 112 Modern
Year: 1985 Height: 112 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Dresden
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Seiler, 116 Ritmo
Year: 1985 Height: 116 cm
Country: ItalyCity: Paderno Franciacorta
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Seiler, 114
Year: 1985 Height: 114 cm
Country: ItalyCity: Paderno Franciacorta
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Seiler, 116 Accent
Year: 2001 Height: 116 cm
Country: ItalyCity: Paderno Franciacorta
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Seiler, Other
Country: United KingdomCity: Macclesfield
Professional seller/ Verified seller
Used, Seiler, 128 K
Height: 128 cm
Country: GermanyCity: Oberthulba
Professional seller/ Verified seller

One of the highly respected, and also one of the oldest piano brands, is Seiler, founded in Europe. Production began in 1849 in Liegnitz, which was then part of German Prussia. The Pianoforte - Fabrik founded by Edward Seiler grew rapidly, gradually becoming the largest piano manufacturer in Eastern Europe. The political situation was not always favourable, but the distribution range of Seiler pianos was systematically expanded. In 1875, the company was taken over by his son Johannes, followed by Johannes’ son and Edward’s grandson Anton Seiler (1923).

After the end of the Second World War the town of Leignitz (Legnica) became part of communist Poland. The Seiler factory was taken over by the government and the Seiler family was forced to leave Poland. After the end of the war, as a result of the initiative of Steffan Seiler (Edward’s great-grandson), the company resumed production in instruments in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Seiler’s activity in Denmark did not last long, more or less from 1951 to 1962, when the headquarters were moved to Germany (Kitzingen). This is where the company is still headquartered today, but most instruments are made in a completely different part of the world. In 2008, Seiler became the property of the huge Samick company, which is among the world’s leading manufacturers of musical instruments. Production was thus mostly relocated to Indonesia.

That, in a nutshell, is the 170-year history of the Seiler brand. It’s been over 170 years since Pianoforte-Fabrik Seiler was founded! If you are interested in more details and the course of events over the years - take a look here.

Seiler Upright and Grand Pianos

The most prestigious SE line (top level) is still manufactured by hand in Germany, as well as partly the ES line (mid-level) - in this case the components are imported from a factory in Indonesia and the final production stage takes place in Kitzingen (+ Renner and German hammers). 

As the brand developed, the need was recognised to produce upright and grand pianos available at different prices - so that they were not just "luxury goods". Thus, 2 further instrument lines were distinguished: ED Seiler (2011), and Johannes Seiler (2013). ED Seiler’s mid-range upright and grand pianos are manufactured entirely in Indonesia, following the German model and guidelines.

The Johannes Seiler line, on the other hand, are entry level instruments. These are 6 models at the most affordable prices, manufactured by Samick in Indonesia.

Due to the number of Seiler instrument series - we can distinguish dozens of different models. They are described in detail hereThe most popular upright pianos are the 116, 122 and 132 models (the numbers specify the height of the pianos in cm).

In summary, Seiler upright and grand pianos are currently produced in two locations:
1) Ed. Seiler Pianofortefabrik, Kitzingen, Germany
2) Samick Musical Instrument (SMC) Mfg. Co. Ltd., Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Instruments produced up to 2007 certainly came from Europe, and the vast majority were made in Germany.

We are proud of the fact that on Klaviano you will find a great deal of new and used Seiler upright and grand pianos. Take advantage of our intelligent search engine, where you can select parameters such as model, condition, price or location. What’s more, our dealers will be happy to share their knowledge and provide you with the information you need.

How old is my Seiler upright piano?

This question is always asked by people who want to sell an instrument or find out more about a "treasure" they have at home. This is where the serial number comes in, which should be on every piano. If you do not know where to find it – read this article.

This number will allow you to determine the age of your instrument to the nearest year or several years.


Serial numbers of Seiler Upright and Grand Pianos:

1865 - 1400
1870 - 2000
1875 - 3814
1880 - 7291
1885 - 10987
1890 - 15335
1895 - 20399
1900 - 27799
1905 - 35293
1910 - 43419
1915 - 50755
1920 - 53671
1925 - 61632
1930 - 71725
1935 - 75503
1940 - 81100
1945 - 82500
1950 - 82526
1955 - 83500
1960 - 86100
1965 - 95000
1975 - 104000
1980 - 116880
1985 - 125200
1990 - 145200
1995 – 154500

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